Matroska Movie to Blu-Ray for Free

Converting one video format to another is usually a matter of trial and error, as various things can go wrong; these can include a wrong aspect-ratio, discrepancies in colour, or simply the wrong output on your chosen Blu-Ray player.

This article will focus on converting the Matroska video format into Blu-Ray by using a combination of freeware programs. The MKV file is a high-quality video container and can include subtitles and other extras; hence the quality should be rather good to view on your Blu-ray player. You can use various guides to convert to MKV, and, while this guide will go through each step carefully, it doesn’t promise that your converted video will be faultless every time. As explained above various things can go wrong and, in case they do, please go through the steps again and try to change minor settings to see if it makes a discernible difference.

MKV Movie to Blu-Ray for Free

First download the following program in order to start your conversion:


1) After having installed both programs, open your MKV file (must have h.264 and AC3 video/audio) with TSMUXER, by clicking on the “Add” button.

2) Look at the Track info: It should say “Profile: Main” and then 4.1. If it doesn’t say 4.1 click on “Change Level to 4.1” in “General track Options.”

3) In “Output” choose the option “Create Blu-Ray Disc”. The process should be fairly quick since there is very little no compression undertaken in the audio/video streams.

4) Still under the same output section, choose where the program will save your file by clicking on “Browse” and simply choosing your destination path.

5) Now that all your options have been set, simply click on “Start Muxing” and wait for the program to work its magic. As said it should be rather quick compared to other format conversions, such as VOB to AVI or similar.

Lastly the size of the video file will be increased since a Blu-Ray supports a larger file size due to improvement in quality in comparison to standard formats. After you are done with everything and the program has finished saving the muxed video, you can burn it with any software of your choice.