Learn Why Home Theater Systems Have Grown in Popularity.

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Those Ever-Soaring Movie Ticket Prices

Home theater systems are great investments. In the comfort of your own home, you can watch your favorite movies or new releases like you are sitting in your own private screening at the movie theater. But, why have home theater systems grown dramatically in popularity?

Well, part of the reason is the movie theater themselves. It used to be great to take the family out to the theaters. You’d spend about $6.00 per person, and the snacks and beverages were relatively cheap. That really isn’t the case anymore, especially for first run movies.

Ticket prices have soared to nearly $10.00 per person, and a movie package will set you back about another $10.00 per person. A family of four can look to spend close to $100.00, and that doesn’t include dinner beforehand. For a family either on a budget or an individual strapped for cash, this can put a dent in the wallet.

The Good Old Days…

Plus, the theater experience just isn’t what it used to be. Movie theaters in the past were built to be luxurious with red carpets, cushy seats and great viewing. Now, most theaters are barely clean; you can almost bet that you’re either going to step in something or put your hand on something sticky like gum or soda. Also, you need to find prime seats early. Or, you’re left looking around either someone’s head or being way too close to the screen.

Oftentimes, movie theaters also have volume problems. It’s either too low or too loud. And, then there are the talkers or the baby crying that make you to wish that you had stayed home.

Just Think of the Money You’ll Save

While these are the main reasons why people have started preferring staying home and renting or buying a movie, there are bound to be many others. These, however, show how a home theater system can improve your viewing experience. You get to pick your own comfortable seats to sit in and don’t have to worry about anyone blocking your view. Plus, you make the snacks so no splurging on overpriced and paltry amounts of food. While a home theater system can put you back over $2,000, the long-term savings will greatly benefit your wallet and your sanity.