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How to Program Your Living Solutions Universal Remote Control

written by: Kumara Velu•edited by: Amy Carson•updated: 4/30/2011

Just bought a Living Solutions Universal Remote and wondering how to program it to work with your TV, DVD player or VCR? This guide will show you how to input codes on a Living Solutions universal remote.

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    Have you bought a universal remote control which you find a pain to use after days of trying? Did you find navigating through the remote a pain because the buttons are too small and crowded within a tiny space?

    Living Solutions Universal Remote If so, you could have a better user experience if you care to give Living Solutions Remote a try. Like any good universal remote, it provides good control for your TV, DVD player and VCR.

    Also known as the Colossal Universal Remote it is ideal for those who are visually challenged when it comes to using a remote control and also for those who have difficulty fingering the buttons of a remote control.

    Let's now get down to programming the remote control.

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    Programming Steps

    1. Make sure you have your Living Solutions Universal Remote Control ready with fresh batteries in it.

    2. First of all you want to decide which device you want to control with the remote. You may want to control your TV, DVD player and VCR with it. If so, it’s advisable to start with one device first, set it up for the remote and move on to the next device.

    3. Turn on the device –TV/DVD/VCR. Point the remote at it. Press the button for the device on the remote. If you’re going to control your TV, you will press the TV button on the remote.

    4. Hold the button from three to five seconds and wait until the LED light comes on before releasing the button.

    5. After you’ve released the device button on the remote, you would want to push the Power button on the remote. The device you’re trying to control – TV, DVD player or VCR – should now be turned on.

    6. Now you want to do a little fiddling with the Channel Up or Channel Down button of the remote control. Take your time with this procedure until the device you’re trying to control powers off.

    7. If you manage to power off your device, it means you’re on the right track.

    8. Once your device is turned off with the help of the remote control, press the Enter button or alternatively the OK button.

    9. At this stage your Living Solutions Universal Remote Control should work for the device you’ve set it up for. Point your remote control at your device and press the power button. If the setup process has gone well, you should be able to turn on your device with the remote control. You can now go on to test your volume control and so on.

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    As with any universal remote control, don’t expect to get things right the first time. You may have to repeat the procedure a few times, especially when you’re at the Channel Up or Channel Down button. You would have to handle this button slowly to make the remote work.

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    Article is based on (Colossal) Living Solutions Universal Remote Control manual.

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