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Top Apps for the Boxee Box

written by: Elton Gahr•edited by: Jean Scheid•updated: 4/25/2011

One of the great things about the Boxee Box is that in addition to getting TV programs from all over the internet you can also get music, sports, education and more through Boxee Box applications. Included here are some of the best of those applications.

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    Boxee Box

    boxee apps 

    The Boxee Box is one of the best choices for watching video streamed from the Internet on your TV. One of the reasons it has become so valuable is it uses an app system. This allows programmers to constantly improve the value of the Boxee Box, but just like with other app systems, finding the best can be difficult. Here are some apps for the Boxee Box you shouldn't miss.

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    netflix This is the biggest of the Boxee Box applications and if you have Netflix, it is the app you will likely be using the most. One of the nice things about Boxee is that you do not need to have Netflix to get a lot of good video, but if you’re going to use Netflix streaming, then Boxee is one of the best options. It is easy to navigate with both an image and rating for every movie and you can search for new watch instantly movies from Boxee saving you the effort of going to your computer and adding more movies to watch instantly making it far more like TV and less like a computer experience.

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    Boxee Browser

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    boxee browser Although the TV is not the ideal way to browse the Internet, the option of quickly checking some small piece of information is very useful. The Boxee browser is still a work in progress, but if you want to quickly find the name of an actor in the movie you’re watching, sports scores or win an argument, this will let you either go to a specific website or search Google. Still, Boxee is primarily a video service and the best value for this is the option to automatically play video on sites visit.

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    While watching video on a computer screen is generally not a perfect experience, the quality of the image is often good enough. Music is a different experience. This offers the ability to play Pandora over Boxee, and through the far better speakers of your TV so valuable. Pandora lets you create your own virtual Internet radio station by choosing an artist, song or genre and playing songs similar to the item you chose. Easy to navigate this is a must have app for anyone who uses Boxee and the ability to play music while exploring other things makes it even better.

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    Allowing free access to video lectures from a number of excellent colleges including MIT, Stanford, Yale, UC Berkley and UCLA, this is the perfect app for anyone who wants to learn. These videos cover a wide range of subjects often with every lecture given for an entire semester and more are being added all the time. The app allows you to find what you are interested in easily, searching by school, subject or by tags.

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    RSS Feeds

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    rss feeds 

    The RSS feed is one of the things that has helped video and audio on the Internet thrive by allowing people to subscribe to audio or video. For Boxee Box users who want a Boxee Box app to ensure they get huge amounts of content, there is nothing better. This will not only let you search a list of RSS feeds with excellent content, but put in the address of any RSS feeds letting you get almost any video or podcast you want.

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    Sports Feeds

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    boxee sports 

    The sports app you want for Boxee Box will depend entirely on the type of sports you love, but with MLB, NHL showing most of their games for a price and a number of other options for clips and commentary, Boxee Box sports applications can give you much of the same content as the premium sports programs on cable. These packages almost all cost as much as the cable add on packages for those sports, but you don't have to pay for cable on top of it and you can watch it later without having to use a DVR.

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    Exploring Boxee Box Apps

    Although there are a huge number of videos you can watch without any apps on the Boxee Box, exploring the various Boxee Box applications offers a lot of value. While some of these apps may require subscriptions to other sites, the apps themselves are free and easy to use. So, go visit the applications section of Boxee Box and begin to explore the huge number of sources available for Internet video.

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