GPS Help, Support, Troubleshooting Tips & Tricks: Get the most out of your GPS device

GPS devices are such complex pieces of technology that many end users feel too intimidated by their setup to explore their vast technological potential. That said, at the other end of the scale many ‘expert’ users love to tweak and dabble with GPS units and navigational technology to personalize and optimize for peak performance tracking, surveying and mapping. Here we help one and all, from the novice to the expert, with a GPS Support topic that covers everything from the basics of GPS troubleshooting connectivity, installation, and how-to’s – Covering much of what you need to know to get your GPS working for you, to the more advanced topics such as GPS configuration, performance tweaking, rebuilding and GPS multi-unit interfacing.

What is a GPS Hack? GPS Device Modification

A GPS hack may be frowned upon by vendors, but employing this type of modification to a GPS device gives more bang for the owner’s buck. Whether it is adding, removing or modifying features of a GPS-enabled device, GPS hacks usually require some technical know-how.

Tips on How to Use a Fishfinder

Are you tired of just simply guessing the location of the fishes in the middle of the ocean or lake? Have you been staying in your boat the whole day without catching a single fish? Learn how to use a fishfinder to better your chances of success next time you’re out on the water.