GPS Maps, Conversion and Media Types – Conversion techniques and GPS media types to keep your GPS navigation devices up-to-date

Looking for the latest GPS guidance and advice on GPS media types, memory and accessories? Do you want to find the latest maps of a geographic location, portable GPS conversion cables and techniques for roaming GPS and geocaching, or maybe GPS cell phone tracking media. Here we discuss mapping technologies for those wanting to keep their GPS devices up-to-date and navigating or surveying accurately. Covering every angle of GPS media, mapping and conversion for the diverse GPS markets such as recreation, monitoring, traffic flow, geocaching and Bluetooth.

GPS POI: Downloading GPS POI Files

POIs, or points of interest, are common reference points used for navigation on many GPS devices. Common POI data indicated on these maps are food, gas, rest areas, motels, and interesting sites. There are many huge POI data files easily available for download and often for free.

Top 10 GPS Voices

Top 10 GPS Voices

If you’re sick of the standard voices that come with your TomTom or Garmin GPS system, maybe it’s time to spice things up with a new voice or two on your device. In this article I examine 10 of the top GPS voices you can easily install on your GPS.

Modifying GPS Maps: Where Do You Need To Look?

GPS products have given us a wonderful capacity to navigate our way around our world day by day whether driving, hiking, sailing, or flying. But, their utility is dependent to a very large degree on the accuracy and personalization of the maps we use. Do you need to modify your maps?

Find Icons for GIS Mapping

GIS mapping needs icons to be graphically expressive. The icons should be able to convey the object to be actually found on the ground. There are specialized designers who create a bunch of such icons and sell their wares on the net. Let’s take a look at tho kind of products currently available.

Custom POI List For Garmin

One more outstanding feature many Garmin GPS devices have today is the ability to create your own personalized collection of Points of Interest (POIs) designating the places you want to visit or be aware of when approaching. Learn more about creating a custom POI list for Garmin units below.