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Categorizing the best GPS products and software from such suppliers as Garmin, Nextar, Tomtom and Magellan. Here we review all the best and worst GPS products hitting the market, offering unbiased opinions and guidance, GPS buyers tips and feedback to help you make the right GPS purchasing decision. Looking for the best GPS navigation reviews, here at Bright Hub we aim to cover all your needs, from handheld GPS reviews for cycling, sports and fitness and automobile, to industry and government GPS devices for marine biology and military campaigns.

Garmin echo 550c Review

Garmin offers different types of fishfinders, including the freshwater fishfinder the echo 550c. This finder gives you a clear view of what’s beneath the water, helping you to quickly find fish. But, learn whether it’s worth the price tag in this GPS review.

Roundup of TomTom GPS Reviews

TomTom GPS units are one of the top names in in-car navigation. With new units being released all the time it can be hard for the consumer to keep up with the changes. We here at Bright Hub understand that and have created a comprehensive file of the top units.

Saving Money With Asset GPS Tracking Systems

Asset tracking has been practiced since the earliest days of the Egyptian empire. Scribes and scouts were sent with large convoys to report progress back to the King. Keeping track of goods has always been an integral part of business and with today’s new technology it is easier than ever.

Motorcycle GPS Units Review

Searching through the maize of Motorcycle GPS unit to find the unit that is right for your needs can be challenging, but we think the following portable GPS navigators are some of the best a biker can find.

Review of GPS Visualizer Utility

GPS Visualizer is an online utility for mapping and all related tasks like file conversion of files containing location data. The different tools can be used individually as each of them has a dedicated page on the site.

5 Great GPS Satellite Phones

GPS technology has been around for at least 25 years, but until the last five or so, it hadn’t been used much by the general public. Now nearly everyone has it in their cell phone. The latest in cell phones with GPS capability may do more for you than you think.

Garmin Edge 800 Review: For Serious Cyclists and Bikers

The Garmin Edge 800 is the latest offering in the Edge series which is dedicated exclusively to cyclists since the units are designed to be mounted on a bike to track the distance and performance of the person riding it. Let’s see what the latest and greatest has to offer.

Garmin Edge 500: The Cycler’s GPS Computer

The Garmin Edge 500 is another fine offering from the Edge series which is dedicated exclusively for cyclists since the units are made to be mounted on a bike to navigate and track the distance and performance of the rider. Let’s see what this middle addition in the series can offer.