The Application of GPS: Personal & Professional GPS Applications – Using GPS from Agriculture to Zoology

To fully appreciate the many benefits of GPS we must first embrace the vast array of social and professional settings in which GPS tools and navigation aids are used. Here we discuss the application of GPS, looking at, amongst other things – GPS Tracking for Roads and Highways, Space, Aviation and Marine studies; GPS Mapping in Military, Government, and Social Science; GPS Surveying for Construction, Environmental Studies, Public Safety and Disaster Relief.

Commercial Aviation and GPS Navigation

Commercial aviation has long relied on radar technology for navigation, but slowly, it’s being replaced by GPS. This article outlines the course of the change in the US, as well as the advantages that GPS brings over the old radar system.

Use of GPS Tracking Technology for Medical Purposes

GPS tracking technology has been applied to many of today’s problems in innovative fashions, including as an aid to health services. This article outlines some of the advantages of GPS tracking devices for medical purposes, particularly Alzheimer’s patients and for emergency alert systems.

Real Time GPS Vehicle Tracking

Real time GPS tracking of vehicles, particularly fleets bring with it a lot of benefits that translate into business advantages and good customer service. You would be able to not only know where your vehicles are but if the vehicle is speeding, if the driver is reckless, etc.

Top Personal GPS Tracking Devices

The GPS industry is not only filled with car, airplane,e and marine devices; it’s also crowded with personal tracking devices. This kind of GPS device sells security and safety to its users. But, in this niche, which of the crawling brand offers the best? Here are the top personal tracking devices.

GPS Technology Advancements of 2009

Certain advancements in the world of GPS Technology have totally changed the way things are. There have been several such advancements made this year, so let’s take a look at some of the most impressive GPS technology advancements of 2009.