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Synopsis of Helpful Hummingbird 535 Fishfinder Reviews

written by: Daniel P. McGoldrick•edited by: Rhonda Callow•updated: 3/30/2010

This compilation from a wide variety of Hummingbird 535 Fishfinder reviews will provide valuable information and insight in order for you to decide whether this extremely popular model should be the electronic fishing companion for your boat.

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    Hummingbird Innovation and Quality

    There is a lot of Hummingbird 535 Fishfinder reviews scattered about the internet that are helpful to the consumer. Then again, a lot of them are simply rehashes of the same information. Therefore, the purpose of this article is to sift through all those expert and consumer reviews for you so you’ve got all the salient information right here for your convenience. You’ll also get direct links to additional detailed information and vendors where you can purchase one. Interested in some excellent freshwater fishfinders while we’re at it? You’ll find great options here.

    First of all, Hummingbird, in general, is a trusted name in innovative fishfinding technology and their products have received accolades from recreation fishing enthusiasts and commercial fishermen for over 30 years now. Digital screens denoting fish on these devices have come a long way from the way fish used to be indicated which was akin to a blipping Atari video game screen. The fact is that many other companies that develop GPS, fishfinding, and depth finding sonar devices have copied Hummingbird which is a proud American company that had its humble beginnings in an Alabama garage.

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    The Verdict on the Hummingbird 535

    Rating Average

    535 For the very affordable price, and for all the features you still get, the 535 is an excellent choice for fishing folks looking for a basic and inexpensive model that they can take on expeditions on any of the bodies of water they fish do to its portability and versatility. It’s difficult to find an unfavorable review for this product with the exception of a few consumers who claimed that customer service was lacking when they had a problem with the unit.

    Let’s get into the details of this device. It’s got a single beam transducer which covers a narrow beam under the boat, 20 degree beam from the bottom of the hull mounted transducer device. Not as much coverage as a dual beam but the simple design has pinpoint accuracy on structure on or close to the bottom. Murky about how transducers work? Then read up on them here at Fishfinding Transducers.

    Even though it’s black and white, the screen is in high definition with contrast enhancement clearly discriminating between what is going on down there most especially what the fish are and where they’re at. The user interface is easy to understand, another good reason that it’s a sound choice for the beginner. There’s only four buttons you have to work with. The 5 inch screen is nice and big but the area around it is compact so it doesn’t take up that much room. It works at depths up to 800 feet but it is also fantastic at the most shallow depths too. Hummingbird has it listed at $159 at their online store.

    All in all, the 535 is a fantastic value with real time sonar and reliability. You’ll find more competitive prices at NextTag where the bidding wars take place. Other models and brands come with way more colorful bells and whistles that you’ll pay handsomely for. But we can all agree from the Hummingbird 535 fishfinder reviews that it’s a workhorse and one of the best products available in its range.

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