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Smallest GPS Navigation for Cars

written by: KateG•edited by: Heather Marie Kosur•updated: 7/27/2010

If you are looking for a small GPS for your car that will get you where you are going without taking up too much space, then give one of these models a try. Big enough to be seen clearly without blocking, these GPS units are perfect for smaller cars.

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    For most of us, space can be an issue. If you are going on a long trip or if you just happen to be cursed with a small windshield, then getting your hands on the smallest possible GPS may be a wise idea. Provided that you have no issue with slightly smaller text and maps, then this is a great option. Today, we will take a look at some of the smallest GPS models available for you and your car.

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    TomTom GO 630 GPS Navigation System

    The TomTom GO 630 GPS Navigation System measures 3.3 inches by 4.7 inches. It comes in at just 7.7 ounces. It has a wide screen for easy vieweing. Some of the features that you will find in this model include:

    • Maps of the United States and Canada with TomTom Map Share: Modify your own map and benefit from other verified changes with TomTom Map Share
    • Bluetooth Handsfree Calling: Make and answer phone calls safety while driving with your Bluetooth-compatible mobile phone
    • Spoken Street Names: The TomTom GO 630 GPS Navigation System announces turn-by-turn directions aloud including street and place names
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    Garmin Nuvi 275T

    At 3.5 inches, this is small enough to keep you happy with a big enough screen to keep you going without any screen strain. Some of the features that you have if you get this model include:

    • Maps of the USA and Europe that allow you to add custom points of interest (POIs) such as school zones and safety cameras
    • Hands-free calling with your Bluetooth and a built-in microphone and speaker
    • The "Where Am I?" emergency locator that helps you to find local hospitals, police stations, and gas stations
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    One Final Option

    There is one final option that you should consider. Your cell phone may have a GPS feature on it. On some models, this may be useful only as a last resort. If, however, you have a Smartphone with a decent sized screen, then this may be a good day to day choice. Just be ready to invest in a stand for the device. It may cost you a little bit, but, in the long run, it will be much less expensive then buying a GPS unit.

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    On the whole, getting a micro-sized GPS that fits your life does not have to be an expensive affair or even a time consuming one. Now you can get where you’re going without sacrificing too much space with these suggested solutions.