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GPS Branding and the GPS Market

written by: Jogabs•edited by: Heather Marie Kosur•updated: 7/11/2010

The use of Global Positioning Systems created a new industry and a number of different GPS device brands in the commercial world. Read on for a brief history of how GPS branding became influential in choosing a GPS device today.

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    Ever since the US government opened GPS (Global Positioning System) to the public for civilian use, the demand for GPS devices became a good opportunity for different companies to offer GPS products to the market. These companies are responsible for the currently existing varieties of GPS products that we have now. They are also responsible in the demand of the global positioning functions to our daily lives.

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    The GPS Market

    Some companies offering GPS products managed to find their position in the market before the others. These companies are now the known brands in the GPS industry. It is only fair to say that these known brands didn’t just get there overnight. It took them years of market study, product development, and offering the market the highest quality of GPS devices and services before they emerged on top.

    The growth in the existence of companies offering GPS products and services also lead to the continuous innovation of GPS technology. The use of GPS is always redefined according to the devices that go with them and, of course, according to the brand that offers them.

    At the present, GPS is no longer a simple tracking device that you can use to locate people or items. For some, it is a means of security that will protect them almost anywhere. It is also considered as a travel guide and a good driving companion. The different brands of GPS also offer a voice guide feature, weather forecasting and traffic alert services, and interactive maps of the world. Adding to the competitive advantages of some GPS brands are the portability and design of the devices.

    And, although price matters in almost everything, it is unfortunately is the last among the considerations in the GPS market. Lately, a number of GPS devices are available for a price that is quite light on the pocket. Often, these are from those whose brands are not yet recognized on the market. Interesting as it seems, some features may not be available from them.

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    How Companies Brand Their GPS

    When it comes to GPS, it is always advisable that you brand your GPS devices. Branded GPS systems such as from Garmin, TomTom, and Magellan will give you the most benefits from your GPS. You can expect a one hundred percent guarantee that their company will give you the advertised services that go with your GPS.

    Brand your GPS and know who offers the best. As mentioned earlier, there are different companies that sell different GPS systems. If you want to know who is the best among them, then start checking for those who have already obtained a position in the market. Because of their experiences and previous interactions with the market, they know the needs of people and they know what would suit their customers best.

    People who opt for GPS at the lowest price often end up missing the best of GPS and it services. Brand your GPS even if it comes with a lower price and most especially if the difference is not too much. Brand your GPS and enjoy security wherever you go.