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GPS Satellite Vehicle Tracking

written by: Brenda Barrett•edited by: Amy Carson•updated: 3/31/2011

GPS satellite vehicle tracking equipment brings to mind the scientific thriller, Star Trek. It enables drivers to boldly go where no one has gone before. Of course, even if they had gone "there," the journey is just twice as exciting with this system in the vehicle to lead the way.

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    Why Use GPS Vehicle Tracking?

    GPS satellite vehicle tracking is very beneficial for businesses and personal use. Commercially, businesses can direct their fleets of vehicles and do things like track mileage, track fuel usage, track when vehicles are in trouble and track unscheduled stops. Among other things this technology is a money saver for many companies.

    For personal reasons GPS satellite vehicle tracking is especially beneficial for those persons who are concerned about theft of vehicle, long distance drivers or persons who regularly go to unfamiliar places. There are many people who prefer using GPS vehicle tracking in order to keep an eye on some people as well as of their vehicles, like teenagers or elderly parents.

    There are several institutions like the military and the police force that depend on GPS satellite vehicle tracking to get on with their jobs. The military uses it to help them to identify enemy vehicles and to determine the accurate location of enemy targets. The successful ending of a vehicular based military operation usually depends very much on this technology.

    Not surprisingly, police officers use the technology as well to track fugitives and suspects, to apprehend stolen vehicles without even the awareness of the suspect, thus avoiding high-speed chases and unnecessary accidents.

    With such a host of uses, no wonder the technology has mushroomed into something that people are finding increasingly necessary for their peace of mind.

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    What You Should Look For When Buying a GPS Vehicle Tracking Equipment.

    When shopping for a real time GPS satellite vehicle tracking system there are five main things that should be explored:

    1. Usage most if not all systems have a monthly fee. Hence, you have to consider buying an instrument outright, where you may not have to pay a monthly fee but instead will use components like Google Earth, or pay the monthly fee to a company who may offer prices that are reflective of what you really want to accomplish with your system.
    2. The vendor – examine carefully the company you are electing to buy from. Make sure that they are reputable and have experience. There are some good reviews here on Bright Hub to guide you.
    3. Software used – Check out the demonstration of the software before you purchase. Some companies actually offer a limited use of software or limited time on freeware take advantage of these before you purchase.
    4. Wireless Network – Examine the wireless network the system utilizes to transmit the data out of the vehicle. GPS and GPRS are very different concepts, be clear on what you are buying.
    5. Hardware Component – Examine the hardware component you are purchasing. Ask yourself questions like, "Does it run on digital wireless networks?"
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    Overall, it is better to educate yourself on what is available in the market place and to ascertain which GPS satellite vehicle tracking system is best for your needs.


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