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Top Bluetooth GPS Receivers

written by: DeborahWoehr•edited by: Amy Carson•updated: 3/29/2011

Bluetooth GPS Receivers are a cost effective way to use GPS technology because they work directly with your cell phones, PDAs and laptops. Check out these models and see if they will work for you.

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    Gosget SB-369

    Gosget SB-369 The Gosget SB-369 was designed to resist dust and splashes. It is compatible with any Bluetooth device and can provide up to 11 hours of accurate GPS position information. It will turn off by itself after five minutes if there is no active Bluetooth connection. Find this Bluetooth GPS receiver at Semsons for around $34.95.

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    i.Trek M5+ Bluetooth GPS

    i.Trek M5+ Bluetooth GPS The i.Trek M5+ Bluetooth GPS is usable right out of the box, capable of tracking 51 satellites simultaneously. All you have to do is power the receiver up and place it under the windshield in your car. It will wake up whenever it senses your Bluetooth enabled PDA, laptop or smart phone and turn itself off when the Bluetooth signal is not present. This extends the operating time to more than 28 hours because it uses less power. You can rely on the accuracy of i.Trek’s WAAS for detailed turn-by-turn navigation and geocaching. The price is $79.99, although it is currently out of stock.

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    TeleNav GPS Receiver

    TeleNav GPS Receiver 

    The TeleNav GPS Receiver is a small, MP3-player-sized device that will deliver location performance directly to your cell phone via Bluetooth. It will track 20 parallel channels, as well as provide over 10 hours of continuous use. The receiver comes with a car charger, USB cable, reference manual and instruction manual. The price is $59.95 for the receiver. Data plans cost extra.

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    GlobalSat BT359 Bluetooth GPS Receiver

    GlobalSat BT359 Bluetooh GPS Receiver 

    The GlobalSat BT359 Bluetooth GPS Receiver contains a low power chipset for high sensitivity. It will communicate with your PDA, laptop, smart phone, and more via a Bluetooth Serial Port Profile. Between the Bluetooth version 2.0 and the built-in ceramic antenna, you will receive faster acquisition times and improved accuracy in dense foliage as well as congested cities. Its replaceable battery will operate for up to 11 hours. You will not have to use tools to replace the battery, thanks to the sliding lid. WAAS and EGNOS are also supported for greater accuracy. The price is $59.95 at the GPS Store.

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    BTGP-38K Bluetooth GPS Receiver

    BTGP-38K Bluetooh GPS Receiver 

    The BTGP-38K Bluetooth GPS Receiver combines Bluetooth technology with GPS technology. The Bluetooth technology will allow you to receive GPS data through your mobile phones, PDAs and laptops for location and navigation information on the place where you wish to go. This receiver will track 65 satellite channels simultaneously. It’s battery will operate up to 15 hours. You can buy this receiver at Sourcing Gate for $33.61.

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    Here, I have given you a starting point for finding the top five Bluetooth GPS receivers. If you have any experience with these models, please feel free to share them with us so that our readers may get a better idea of their performance.

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