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What GPS Can You Use with ArcView?

written by: Misty Faucheux•edited by: Linda Richter•updated: 1/29/2011

Want to know about the ArcView GIS system? Want to know what GPS can you use with ArcView? Learn more here.

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    About ArcView

    ArcView is a software program that uses geographic information system (GIS) technology, which allows you to view, produce, and analyze, road, planetka+ geographic data. You can create your own map templates and share your GIS data with others. If you already own a GPS system, then you are probably only wondering one thing: what GPS can you use with ArcView?

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    Magellan GPS Import

    Well, it really has little to do with the type of GPS device that you own and whether or not there is an importation software program available for it. The ArcView software program is a Windows-based computer program, which means that you must produce and store your maps and data on your computer. You can then download information from the GPS system into ArcView. But, importation software is not available for all types of GPS units.

    If you have either a Garmin or Magellan GPS unit, however, you can easily use this software program. Two programs available for Magellan units include the Magellan GPS Import Extension for ArcView 3.x and a MapSend waypoint utility.

    The first one allows you to download your Magellan GPS routes and waypoints to ArcView. This program is compatible with DataSend, MapSend, and DataSave, which are all Magellan programs. You can choose which waypoints or routes that you want to import, and the program saves all your waypoint information.

    You can add more metadata fields if you want to add more information to your files, and you can save your routes and waypoints in new shapefiles or attach them to preexisting shapefiles.

    To start using this program, you must copy the magellan_gps_import_v22.avx into your ArcView extension folder.

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    MapSend Utlity

    The MapSend waypoint utility is only for downloading your MapSend waypoints. Since you can’t change MapSend data in the GIS format, this utility provides you with a roundabout way of adding your waypoints to ArcView. The program can, however, read delimited text files.

    So, this utility downloads your waypoint data into a Microsoft Excel file. This file has a macro that automatically reads your waypoint data and converts this data into a delimited text file. The program then converts this data into a table and imports the file into ArcView 3.x.

    You must next change this data into an event theme and then save it as a shapefile. While this is a cumbersome way of adding waypoints, it does get your data into ArcView.

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    DNR Garmin Application

    Garmin GPS owners can do more than just download data to ArcView; they can also upload and sync data between your computer and your device. This is done via the DNR Garmin Application. You can upload waypoints, routes and Track Logs from ArcView to your Garmin device and vice versa.

    It features a real-time tracking option that allows you to see exactly where you are on ArcView maps. You can also create a real-time track log, which is saved as lines or points.

    ArcView is a popular program. So, if you don’t have either a Magellan or Garmin device, just keep searching the Internet for new programs.

    Image credit:, Planetka