GPS Navigation Systems

GPS. What did we do without it? From portable GPS units designed for the dashboard of your car to handheld systems for hiking and geocaching, if you know where to go, GPS systems can get you there. Bright Hub’s GPS & Navigation channel offers reviews, buying guides and tips on choosing the right GPS for you, as well as FAQs on how to use GPS systems when motoring, hiking and Geocaching.

Garmin Nuvi 200 Review – Features and Profile

Hey you, too much pride to stop and ask for directions? Get lost often? Meant to take a shortcut, yet added an hour to your route because you got lost? Yeah, I used to be that way too; that was until I was given the greatest gift of all; the Garmin Nuvi 200 GPS Navigation!

How do GPS Devices Work?

What has thirty-one continuously broadcasting atomic-clock-equipped satellites orbiting the earth? What piece of inexpensive consumer gear listens for the signals and determines location based on triangulation and timing between the satellites? Here we’ll look at the basics of how GPS works.