GPS Navigation Systems

GPS. What did we do without it? From portable GPS units designed for the dashboard of your car to handheld systems for hiking and geocaching, if you know where to go, GPS systems can get you there. Bright Hub’s GPS & Navigation channel offers reviews, buying guides and tips on choosing the right GPS for you, as well as FAQs on how to use GPS systems when motoring, hiking and Geocaching.

How to Add a GPS Receiver to the iPhone

The iPhone has become an extremely popular gadget today amongst folks of all ages and classes. But, it does have its own set of disadvantages especially the lack of a built-in GPS receiver. But, there are many ways of adding a GPS receiver to the iPhone, and here are some of the easy ways!

How to Create Your Own Geocache

Geocaching is a GPS based activity that is growing very popular, and for good reason: it’s incredibly fun and rewarding! After traveling around and finding a few caches, you may be inspired to plant one yourself. Creating a geocache is actually fairly simple, and can be very fun.

Custom POI List For Garmin

One more outstanding feature many Garmin GPS devices have today is the ability to create your own personalized collection of Points of Interest (POIs) designating the places you want to visit or be aware of when approaching. Learn more about creating a custom POI list for Garmin units below.

TomTom Map Updates Free

You love your TomTom. It provides turn-by-turn directions in a pleasant spoken voice. However, if those directions are wrong due to a mistake or change in the maps used, your TomTom loses some of its value. Fortunately, there is a way to get free map updates for your TomTom.

Magellan Meridian GPS Free Downloads

You finally got your hands on a GPS device and love the look and feel of your Magellan Meridian. Whether you plan to use your Meridian for traveling, hiking or geocaching, you will love it even more after installing some of these free downloads.

Picking the Best GPS to Buy?

The huge selection of GPS units can get confusing when considering the multitude of features that each provides. However, there are a few common traits shared between different types of GPS units that you should consider when purchasing a GPS.

Hand Held Garmin GPS Battery Life

When choosing a hand held Garmin GPS device, especially if you’re planning on using it for some of the activities I touch on below, knowing approximately how long the batteries will last with protracted use is of key importance. Check this comprehensive listing by model name below.

Best Hand held GPS Water Navigation Units

A handheld GPS water navigation device is not as popular as the portable GPS Fish Finder. But this is not to say that is not as useful as its kin. On the contrary, it is a very useful water navigation device aside from its portability. Here we review three best handheld GPS water navigation devices.

Cheap GPS Phone for Tracking

Looking for a GPS-enabled phone that doubles as a GPS tracking phone? Look no further, as we give you four of the best possible devices offering such dual capability. Here are the top three affordable GPS phones for tracking.

Which GPS Should I Buy for Fishing?

Having a GPS device for your fishing trips is a great idea but there are a few factors to consider before deciding on a particular unit. Find out which kind of GPS make and model would be ideal based upon where and how you’re planning to fish below.