GPS Navigation Systems

GPS. What did we do without it? From portable GPS units designed for the dashboard of your car to handheld systems for hiking and geocaching, if you know where to go, GPS systems can get you there. Bright Hub’s GPS & Navigation channel offers reviews, buying guides and tips on choosing the right GPS for you, as well as FAQs on how to use GPS systems when motoring, hiking and Geocaching.

Operating Your Humminbird Fishfinder

Humminbird offers different types of fishfinders, but they all work similarly. The goal of these units is to find fish as quickly as possible. Learn how to setup and use your unit. Also, learn about the different symbols and menu functions.

GPS Map Conversion Software

You may have a bunch of GPS data, but it doesn’t do you any good if it’s in the wrong format. Map conversion programs allow you to change this data into other formats, especially formats supported by your device. Learn about some of the best programs on the market and how to use them.

How-To Guide: Magellan GPS Manuals

Not sure how to use your Magellan GPS system? You can wade through the GPS manual. Or, you can use the steps in the Magellan GPS unit how-to guide. It teaches you how to find a location, use your POI database and save your home address.

Broken TomTom GO 910 Solutions

The TomTom GO 910 is a great GPS device when it’s working properly. If you have a problem with your TomTom device, you don’t have to immediately take it to a repair person or get a new one. Learn about common GO 910 problems and solutions.

Garmin echo 550c Review

Garmin offers different types of fishfinders, including the freshwater fishfinder the echo 550c. This finder gives you a clear view of what’s beneath the water, helping you to quickly find fish. But, learn whether it’s worth the price tag in this GPS review.