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Whether you’re looking for a gift for a kid, or just a new toy to satisfy the kid-in-you there are plenty of fun, electronic toys and gizmos to explore. Read reviews, buying guides and articles on robotic pets, remote control cars, dart boards and other electronic games, toys and silly do-dads.

Uses for Future Robotic Pets

Countless science fiction authors have imagined the future. Robotic pets sometimes play a major role like in Philip K Dick’s “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep.” His vision of families that purchase robotic pets to fill their caretaking needs has offered up even more imagination!

Dinosaur Robots for Kids

What kid wouldn’t love a dinosaur robot? Here are the latest and greatest dinosaur robots on the market from the top of the line PLEOrb to the budget-minded 4M Dinobot.

Electronic Scrabble Game: Scrabble Flash Review

Scrabble Flash is an electronic Scrabble game that is a radical variation of the original. It only requires five electronic tiles that rely on Smartlink technology to form words and even keep scores.

Cheap Robot Kits for Kids

The image of robot kits might bring to mind some expensive, involved, and technically challenging projects that have thousands of pieces and are well beyond a beginners grasp. This isn’t always the case. There are plenty of cheap robot kits that are perfect for those just starting out.

Do You Sudoku? Electronic Sudoku Game Review

An electronic sudoku game allows thousands of puzzles to be available to players in a compact size. Do You Sudoku? is one such electronic game that not only offers several puzzles in different sizes and difficulty levels, it also offers a familiar way of playing the game by requiring players to writ

Electronic BATTLESHIP Game Ratings

Electronic Battleship: Advanced Mission by Hasbro is an updated version of the classic Battleship board game first released by Milton Bradley in 1931. This is the third Hasbro electronic Battleship game following Electronic Battleship released in 1977 and the Electronic Talking Battleship from 1989.

Electronic Baby Toys: Learning with VTech Toys

Baby toys are far more than just diversions from the everyday monotony of eating and pooping. They are some of the most interactive learning moments in a child’s early life. The right electronic baby toys can foster curiosity, coordination and understanding in even the youngest of infants.

Top 5 Robot Cat Choices

Robots are extremely popular these days with a plethora of great choices including robot cats. Here is a look at the top five robot cats. Choices include robot cats such as a plush robot cat and a neat “Tekno” cat.

Robot Building Kits You Can Build on Your Own

Building a robot is one of the most exciting, hands on, scientific activities that a child or teenager can be involved in. Robot building kits have skyrocketed in popularity in middle school and high school classrooms but many of these kits can be assembled at home just as easily.

Underwater ROVs and Robot Kits You Can Build On Your Own

Underwater robot kits are used to make robots that are usually classified as R.O.V.s (remote operated vehicles) as they are tethered to a cable so that they may be controlled. The remotes, however, cannot be wireless due to problems inherent in sending accurate signals through a liquid medium.

5 Recommended Electronic Toy Guns

Electronic toy guns come in many forms. There are those inspired by space adventurers while others are more earthbound. Getting a toy gun that actually fires projectiles may not be a good idea, so make sure you get something that is safe but still fun.