Household Gadgets

From reviews on robotic vacuum cleaners to product roundups and recommendations on the best high tech bathroom gadgets, discover all the latest and greatest household gadgets and technology here.

Man Cave Gadgets to Liven Up The Room

The man cave should be the coziest room for the man of the house. Deck it out with some of the best gadgets available. While these won’t break your budget they will keep you entertained and give your buddies something to be envious of. Add one of these conversation starting gadgets to your man cave

10 of the Best ThinkGeek Gadgets

Gadgets abound everywhere nowadays. It would be nice to have one of these gadgets on your office desk, if not for utility, but for the sheer fun they bring. Let’s check out ultimate ThinkGeek gadgets under $100.

Why Choose a Dyson Fan Without Blades?

The Dyson Company is well known its innovative vacuum cleaner but its newest product is just as amazing. The Dyson Air Multiplier is a fan without blades that uses technology from supersonic jets and fluid dynamics to propel air in a continuous stream.

The Top 5 Electronic Gadgets for Men

Men love their gadgets and the more high tech the better. The best electronic gadgets for men will not cover iPods or the latest cell phones or laptop and tablet computers. This is a list of some obscure items sure to make an impression on that special guy.

Where to Buy a Solar Powered Alarm Clock

A solar powered alarm clock will wake you even if the power goes out and is a great option for camping. It’s environmentally friendly, too! Find out where to buy them, what features to look for and other details in this comprehensive guide.