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Find everything you need to know about e-book readers. Looking for a cheap e-reader? One that’s great for kids? Maybe you want to know how your new Kindle or Nook works? Everything from e-book reader reviews, comparisons, and how-to information can be found here.

Comparing the Amazon Kindle vs. Kindle DX

So, you’re planning to get an Amazon Kindle e-reader but couldn’t decide which model to purchase? Here, we compare the Amazon Kindle vs Kindle DX. Read on to find out which one best suits your needs and is worth the money you spend for it. Kindle vs Kindle DX, which is the better Kindle?

Reviews of the Top 5 Amazon Kindle Waterproof Covers & Cases

For those Kindle lovers out there, you’re probably looking for some great accessories to give as gifts. Here, we’ve explored the world of Kindle waterproof covers and the amazing Amazon Kindle waterproof floating case. Let’s look at the top 5 that made our list that includes all Kindle generations!

Top Five Kindle 2 Leather Covers

Looking for the best Kindle 2 leather covers? We got you covered with our list of the best available. Read on to find out which of these covers gives you the best features and better performance when it comes to protecting your Kindle 2.

Best Kindle DX 9.7 Accessories for 2010

It’s time to start looking for Christmas gifts again–and someone on your list is going to get a new Kindle DX 9.7. While a Kindle by itself is good gift, a Kindle DX 9.7 with lots of fancy new accessories is even better. Here are some choice accessories that every Kindle user will love.

Websites with Free eBooks for Nook eReaders

You’ve just unboxed your new Nook and can’t wait to take it to the park and enjoy hours of uninterrupted reading, but what are you going to read? Well you could dish out hundreds of dollars for the latest best sellers or you could do what a lot of other people do – go for the freebies.

5 Great Kindle Accessories

The Kindle is one of the most popular eBook readers on the market today but you’ve got to admit that out of the box it‘s pretty plain. That’s okay though, there are literally hundreds of Kindle accessories that you can buy to personalize it. These are five of the best of 2010.

Ectaco jetBook Lite Review: Is This eBook Reader Worth the Money?

eBooks are a popular alternative to paperbacks and hardcovers. The ability to carry a couple of thousand books on a device speaks to a lot of people. In this article we review the jetBook Lite. One of the few devices with a TFT monochrome LCD screen to read your books on.

Kindle/Nook Comparison: 2010 is the Year of the eBook Reader

The Kindle and the Nook are the current leaders in eBook reader sales, and both Amazon and Barnes & Noble dropped the prices of their eBook readers – a lot. To help you decide which to purchase, here’s a comparison of the popular eBook readers.