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Find everything you need to know about e-book readers. Looking for a cheap e-reader? One that’s great for kids? Maybe you want to know how your new Kindle or Nook works? Everything from e-book reader reviews, comparisons, and how-to information can be found here.

How to Set Up Your Kindle: A Detailed Tutorial

The Amazon Kindle remains one of the most popular E-Reader devices with millions of books available at some of the lowest prices you will find. If you decide to start using the Kindle for your electronic library, here are the steps you need to get it set up for your first use.

Tutorial: How Does a Kindle Work?

The Amazon Kindle is one of the easiest to use E-Readers on the market and once you understand all the features, you can find, buy and read a new book in the snap of a finger. Here is a list of the features as well as a tutorial on how to set up the Kindle to work for you.

Sharing Kobo eBooks

One of the great things about reading is finding books that you love and sharing them with friends. With traditional books this is easy, but with eBooks on the Kobo or other reader devices it can be a bit more complicated. It is still possible though, if you are willing to learn a few tricks.

How to Use Sony Reader Software to Manage Your eBooks

Just like in real life organizing and managing your books electronically can become a problem for the voracious reader. The Sony Reader software is designed to help you keep those books in order and find books on the computer. This makes keeping track of your collection much easier!

Shift3 Lookbook Wireless Reader Review

The Lookbook is an elegant and pretty little device for reading e-books, but does it offer enough features? Find out pros and cons of this reader to make an informed decision.

Detailed Sony Reader Daily Edition Review

The Daily Edition variant of the Sony Reader gives you the benefits of E Ink technology and touchscreen navigation. Add to that is its 3G and WiFi connectivity and you have a very solid piece of hardware. Read more about this device on this review.

Sony Reader Pocket Edition: Is It a Good Deal?

The Sony Reader is a compact eBook reader in terms of both design and features. It is ideal for reading book while traveling because it is compact enough to be held with one hand.The Sony Reader does not play MP3s nor display images, but it is highly affordable. Find out more in this review.

Top 10 Cool Nook Covers

Want to protect your Nook from dents, scratches and bumps? Check out these beautiful Nook covers that are durable, smooth, highly protective and reasonably priced.

Best 5 Lookbook Accessories

Shopping around for accessories for the Lookbook can be quite hard if you are looking for items specifically designed for the device. There are universal e-book reader products out there that work perfectly with the Lookbook so those are the products you want.

Kobo Wireless eReader Review

Borders Kobo is one of the newer eReader’s to hit the market. Find out if it is worth the dollar tag, or if you should spend your money on another such as the Nook, iPad, or Kindle. In this review we will be covering the Kobo’s features, functionality, and our final verdict.