e-Book Reader Reviews & Information

Find everything you need to know about e-book readers. Looking for a cheap e-reader? One that’s great for kids? Maybe you want to know how your new Kindle or Nook works? Everything from e-book reader reviews, comparisons, and how-to information can be found here.

Complete Guide to e-Book Readers From A to Z

As the brands and models of e-book readers proliferate, it is obvious e-books have come to be an integral part of the reading experience. Find out which e-book readers are best for your needs, how to acquire books to read, and how best to use them.

The Complete Amazon Kindle User’s Guide

Once you’ve decided that you need an e-reader, you may feel overwhelmed by the choices – there are a lot of them! The Kindle alone has had nearly a dozen different options. From the technology behind the popular e-reader to helpful tips on how to use the device, here’s a guide to the Amazon Kindle.

The Best E-reader Light

Whether reading on a long flight or before bed, e-readers are a valuable asset to any book-lover. Reading in the dark or in dim lighting is no longer a problem with a light specifically designed for e-readers. Here are five of the best e-reader lights.

How Many People Read Kindle Books? Find Out!

Amazon has always kept tight lips about its sales figures, both for Kindle units and books sold. This makes it hard to know exactly how many people read Kindle books but with information from a few studies it is possible to get a good estimate.

How to Use Android on NOOK Color E-Readers

The NOOK Color is the best cheap alternative tablet computer on the market today. What, you say? That’s an e-book reader? Of course it is – but, and this is a big but, it runs on the Google Android operating system. With a bit of modification it can become a full fledged tablet with Wi-Fi for $249.

How to Increase Kindle Text

For most things the Kindle interface is very simple. While keeping it simple is good it means that finding the keys for less common features can be hidden. One of the tricky options to find is how to increase Kindle text. Once you know how to do this, it is actually very easy.

How to Set Up Your Kindle: A Detailed Tutorial

The Amazon Kindle remains one of the most popular E-Reader devices with millions of books available at some of the lowest prices you will find. If you decide to start using the Kindle for your electronic library, here are the steps you need to get it set up for your first use.

Tutorial: How Does a Kindle Work?

The Amazon Kindle is one of the easiest to use E-Readers on the market and once you understand all the features, you can find, buy and read a new book in the snap of a finger. Here is a list of the features as well as a tutorial on how to set up the Kindle to work for you.