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New Technology Gadgets: Excellent Gift Ideas!

Whether it’s a gift for Christmas or a birthday we’ve got you covered. There are cool gadgets in every category that fall into every budget. From the everyday mom to the tech geek off at college, there are new technology gadgets out there that are great gift ideas.

A Hands-on Review of Mighty MendIt: Does Mighty MendIt Work?

Mighty MendIt is one of the popular items sold on the As Seen On TV infomercials. The product can supposedly mend a parachute well enough for a skydiver to use it again. Does Mighty MendIt work, really? Bright Hub looks at using Mighty MendIt to mend three different projects.

Different Types of Fingerprint Scanning Devices

The scanning of fingerprints is not a new concept because it has been used in the field of security for ages. There have however been developments in the various fingerprint scanning devices and this article will take a look at some of those new developments.