Sony eReader Touch Review - Digital Book Model PRS700BC

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Sony Reader Digital Book with Touch Screen

Sony Reader

The digital eBook reader market has been flooded with a number of brands and models offering different features and functions. However, the market continues to be led forward by two top brands, Amazon’s Kindle and Sony’s Reader. This Sony eReader Touch review examines the product on various technical and functional parameters. The latest model introduced by Sony in this line is the Sony Reader Digital Book with Touch Screen – model PRS700BC. This is an improvement over the earlier popular PRS600 model. The size of the screen continues to remain the same at 6-inches, but the new version has enhanced capabilities to provide a better reading experience for the users.

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Technical Details (4 out of 5)

One of the key technical strengths of Sony Reader is its seamless connectivity with Sony’s comprehensive eBook Store as well as various other participating websites for book lovers. The user can navigate, search and purchase the latest book releases via the Reader. The unit includes eBook Library 2.0 PC Software, which makes it convenient to transfer Adobe PDF files, BBeB format files, and MS Word documents. It also has the capability to play back AAC and MP3 audio files.

The basic minimum hard drive memory of the unit is 20MB. The software makes it easy to synchronize all functions to the user’s personal computer. It has a Notes function that lets the reader make any useful notes while reading. The touch screen is easy to use by simple touch, but the package also includes a Stylus. Due the Reader’s ability for multiple formats such as ePub and PDF, the user is able to download books from many different sources using different formats. Font sizes are adjustable, making it easy for the user to read under any conditions.

Product Features of Sony eReader (4 out of 5)

This Sony eReader Touch review of the various features reveals its uniqueness in certain ways compared to other similar products on the market. The most exclusive feature is that the Sony Reader’s “touch-paper” like experience. This is the result of Sony’s advanced E-Ink technology. It makes it possible to use the Reader even under brightly lit conditions or in sunny outdoors. At the same time, the user will get a feeling as if he or she is reading a book physically, and not digitally. The interactive 6-inch touch screen display allows the user to turn pages with the slide of a finger or activate a bookmark. There is a virtual keyboard to create notes and highlight important text.

The display screen includes a built-in light to enable reading in dimly lit conditions. The PRS700BC model has a standard memory capacity to store about 320 eBooks. The Sony eReader has a long-life battery that can be used continuously to turn up to 7,500 pages, which is roughly equivalent to two weeks of reading on a single charge. The unit includes a USB connector for data transfer from the Internet. In terms of designing, many users find the Reader to be sleeker than the Kindle and with superior ergonomics. There is an option for an SD memory card that expands the capacity to store thousands of eBooks.

Value for Money (4 out of 5)

Sony’s advanced technology and the eReader’s powerful processor make it a worthwhile product for the price. However, the limitation experienced by many users is that the screen of the eReader is glare-prone. The PRS700BC has received 3.5 stars on average from 81 customer reviews at Amazon. This Digital Book with touch screen sells at a discounted price of around $320 at Amazon. The product is sleek and easy to navigate, and comes with Sony’s brand image of reliability in terms of quality and after sale service.