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The Best Talking Food Scales

written by: johnsinit•edited by: Rhonda Callow•updated: 7/27/2010

Have you ever considered buying a talking food scale? If not, you should. These handy devices have a digital readout in addition to the audible announcement of the weight. They are inexpensive, accurate, and very useful for measuring for recipes. Learn more about talking food scales here.

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    Some History of Talking Food Scales

    Talking food scales were originally designed for people with vision impairments, but even people with perfect eyesight love them because they are so handy. These small, accurate kitchen devices are perfect for food preparation, and most measure in grams or ounces. Some talking food scales speak in the user’s choice of English or Spanish. Here are some of the brands available.

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    CAN-Weigh Talking Kitchen Scale

    The CAN-Weigh Talking Kitchen Scale, $39.95 from, is small, accurate, and inexpensive. This talking food scale weighs in grams or ounces, up to 6 lbs., 10 oz, or 3,000 grams. To use this scale, you simply turn it on. After it says, “Hello," and then “I’m ready," you put the food into the included plastic bowl or onto the stainless steel platform. A female voice announces the weight, and if you want the weight of the food minus the bowl, there is a handy tare function. It runs on a 9-volt battery, and the platform tray measures 9 x 6 x 1 inches. Can Weigh 

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    My Weigh Vox 3000

    One of the most popular talking food scales is the My Weigh Vox 3000, $36.90 from It has a 3,000 gram (6 lb., 10 oz) capacity, with resolution of 1 gram. The My Weigh Vox comes with a large weighing bowl and not only talks, but has a tare feature and comes with a battery (a standard 9-volt battery). Vox 3000 

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    Reizen Talking Kitchen Scale

    The Reizen Talking Kitchen Scale speaks in either English or Spanish and displays the weight on a clear LCD screen measuring 1 3/4 x 5/8 inches. It comes with a 9-volt battery, and has an auto-off function that shuts off automatically after a time to conserve the battery. The base is white, and the platform is glass, measuring 6 1/4 inches in diameter. The scale prompts the user when it is ready, and if you want to turn off the talking function you can do so with a switch located on the back. The Reizen Talking Kitchen Scale holds up to 3,000 grams with 1 gram resolution. There is also a tare function if you use a bowl or container. Reizen Talking Kitchen Scale 

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    Terrallion Talking Scale

    Terrallion also makes talking food scales that are available for $50.00 from It comes with a big bowl and an easy to see readout as well as its speaking function. You can measure food in the bowl or place it directly onto the platform. It holds up to 3,000 grams with 1 gram resolution. This scale speaks English only and has a volume button that is indicated with Braille under the scale. It also has an auto-off function and uses a 9-volt battery. The bowl that comes with this scale is dishwasher safe. Terrallion Talking Scale 

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    Talking food scales are great kitchen additions because they are very useful, whether the user has a vision impairment or not.