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Electronic Toy Bank: Buying Guide & Top Recommendations

written by: DeborahWoehr•edited by: Jean Scheid•updated: 3/16/2011

Would you like to teach your children a fun way to save their money? Maybe you're looking for something fun for yourself? Whatever the case, consider investing in an electronic toy bank. Here, we list our top 5 recommendations.

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    1. ‘Fun 2 Save’ Electronic ATM Bank

    Fun 2 Save Electronic ATM Bank Teach your children the value of money management with the ‘Fun 2 Save’ Electronic ATM Bank. This electronic toy bank welcomes you with a personal greeting and your current balance once you insert your ATM card and enter your PIN number. It is able to calculate the coins’ value as they are deposited. You may also deposit bills. The ‘Fun 2 Save’ is recommended for ages 6 and up. It comes with three AA batteries. The price is around $23 at Nextag.

    Source: Nextag

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    2. Electronic Money Jar

    Electronic Money Jar Do you have more change than you know what to do with? Then invest in the Electronic Money Jar. This money jar will accept pennies up through quarters. Slip the coin into the slot, and the electronic meter will read exactly how much the coin is worth. Then it will add that amount to the savings that you have already accumulated.

    This bank is fun for kids, too, because it will teach them how to save money. It will hold approximately $130. The bank requires two AA batteries, which are not included. Find this bank at Amazon for around $10.

    Source: Amazon

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    3. Summit Deluxe ATM

    Summit Deluxe ATM Bank The Summit Deluxe ATM bank is similar to the ‘Fun 2 Save’ bank in that it welcomes you with a personal greeting and your current balance. Kids enjoy this bank because of the color and because it helps them simulate what their parents do. They particularly enjoy having their own “credit card" with a secret password. It is better for kids who are 7 years old and up because of the small parts on this ATM bank. The price is at Amazon is around $24.

    Source: Amazon

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    4. Star Wars Darth Vader Electronic Bank

    Star Wars Darth Vader Electronic Bank The Star Wars Darth Vader Electronic bank allows you to save pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters. Darth Vader’s light saber moves and lights up, the belt lights up and the Empire March song plays whenever you insert a coin or press a button. There is no volume control, and the sound effects are quite loud. The bank comes with three AA batteries. You will need a small Phillips screw driver to open the compartment to replace the batteries. The price for this great Darth Vader bank at Amazon is around $70.

    Source: Amazon

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    5. Discovery Deluxe Touch Screen ATM Machine

    Discovery Deluxe Touch Screen ATM Machine Keep your cash safe with the Discovery Deluxe Touch Screen ATM Machine. It comes with its own ATM card, which you can insert into the machine and then touch the backlit LCD screen to create your own secret pin. Once you do this, you can make deposits, withdrawals and view your own balance.

    This machine is fun for all ages. It helps adults keep track of loose change, while it teaches kids the value of saving money. The Discovery Deluxe accepts both coins and bills and will automatically add or subtract as money is deposited or withdrawn. Find this electronic toy bank at Shop the Shows for around $80.