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Find reviews, buying guides and essential information on camcorder and camera accessories and lenses. From tripods to microphones, from shoulder straps to tripods find all the information and reviews you need on camcorder and camera equipment. Also find tutorials and how-to’s to properly use your camera accessories!

Introduction to View Camera Photography

Shooting with a large format camera, or view camera, has a lot of advantages (as well as some disadvantages). Though digital backs for these cameras are extremely expensive, there are other ways to combine digital photography with a view camera if you don’t fancy working solely with film.

The Purpose of a Ring Flash in Photography

Camera-mounted flash units are a convenient way to add light to a scene, and there are specialized types of flash for many situations–like the ring flash. A ring flash can be a useful tool, but why spend the money until you know if you need one or not?

The Best of Quantaray Camera Lenses

Quantaray offers a number of accessories for digital cameras including flashes, chargers and lenses. The lenses offered by Quantaray work with cameras such as the Pentax, Minolta, Canon and Nikon. Here are some of the options when choosing Quantaray lenses for your cameras.

Top 5 Sony HDR SR11 Batteries

Finding batteries for your camcorder does not have to hard. If you are familiar with battery brands, you probably know which ones work best for you. Learn what options Amazon has to offer for your Sony.

Best External Microphone for Sony HDR SR8

Sony HDT SR8 microphones can be mounted directly on the camcorder or they can provide wireless transmission of sound from a distance. This gives you a variety of options for different shooting conditions. However, there are a number of options when picking one out. Let us help you find the best mic.

Top 5 Available Holga Accessories

Holga accessories range from carrying bags to filter sets. Holga cameras enjoy a unique distinction of providing creative fun to people that costs little, and with available Holga accessories, this experience is enhanced even more.

White Balance Lens Cap Review

The white balance lens cap is a great tool to help you set your custom white balance quickly and easily. Learn about the functionality of the white balance lens cap and determine whether it is the right tool for you.