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Delkin Pop Up Shade - Snap On Pro for EOS 1D Mark II N Protect Your Screen and Make Viewing it Easier Outdoors

written by: digitaldan1•edited by: Rhonda Callow•updated: 12/15/2009

Camera LCD screens and the instant feedback they provide are great, so long as you can see the image on them. This is easier said then done under bright sun, unless you use a screen shade/protector. Delkin offers one option.

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    DSLRs are great for improving your photography. The immediate feedback offered by the LCD screen is a valuable tool for a photographer wishing to improve his or her craft. Of course, if you're shooting outdoors in bright sun, actually being able to view that screen can be nearly impossible.

    A number of companies offer solutions to this problem. One of them is Delkin. The company makes a variety of sun shades, each designed for a specific camera model. These shades are well constructed out of aluminum and optical clear glass and snap on to the camera back. The shade fits onto the camera eyepiece and has buttons that correspond to those on the back of the camera, so you can still use the camera's controls. The shades are even designed and colored to match their particular camera.

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    Using it

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    The Pop Up Shade does a good job of protecting the LCD screen and the buttons work reasonably well. The shade is normally used in the flat (closed) position and then popped up when the photographer wants to view an image. It's then closed again by pressing in the collapsible sides and then folding the main panel down. This may be the deal breaker on what's an otherwise nice piece of equipment. The photographer who shoots a lot of images and has to frequently check images will find using this LCD shade to be a bit cumbersome and will quickly get tired of the process.

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    Price to value

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    This is a well constructed, good quality LCD shade that will also protect your camera's LCD screen. At $24.99 the Delkin Pop Up Shade - Snap On Pro for the Canon EOS 1D Mark II N is modestly priced, but a lot cheaper than replacing a scratched LCD screen. If you don't need to view your screen that often, this shade is a good option. If you do need to view the screen often, you'll probably find it frustrating to use.

    Disclaimer: Delkin provided the author with an evaluation unit of this item for inclusion in the David Busch Quick Snap Guide to Photo Gear.