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TrekPod Go! PRO Review: James Bond Meets the Monopod

written by: digitaldan1•edited by: Rhonda Callow•updated: 7/31/2009

Monopod or tripod? Often a photographer is confronted with having to choose between which of the two camera support tools will best meet their needs. The TrekPod Go! PRO tries to offer a solution.

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    The TrekPod Go! PRO is a nifty take on the idea of a freestanding monopod. While the device is definitely functional, it also assembles like a gadget out of a James Bond movie.

    The TrekPod Go! PRO comes in a custom carrying case that contains its four sections, quick release heads and Allen wrench (used for attaching one of the quick release heads to the camera). The various sections of the TrekPod Go! PRO screw into each other to form a full height monopod featuring a three-legged bottom section. The legs can be brought together to keep the TrekPod in monopod configuration or spread open to turn the TrekPod into a freestanding tripod capable of supporting a DSLR. The camera attaches via a powerful rare earth magnet quick release (make sure you attach the quick release to the camera and then mate the camera and release to the TrekPod. If you mate the quick release to the TrekPod first, there’s no way you’re getting it off the monopod without screwing something onto the release and levering it off.

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    The TrekPod Go! PRO by Trek-Tech

    Sarah sets up the Go Pod
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    Price to Value

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    At $229.99 the TrekPod Go! PRO is a little bit on the expensive side, especially considering it’s a bit heavy and unwieldy for use as a hiking staff. Still, it is extremely versatile, making a good monopod and safe and steady freestanding tripod with the legs extended. I’d trust a 300 2.8 on it on a calm day and would even walk a few feet away without worry. Photographers on a budget might consider one of the less expensive Manfrotto offerings, but keep in mind, that while they’re definitely cheaper, they’re also definitely inferior when it comes to build quality and stability.

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    Recommendation and full disclosure

    The TrekPod Go! PRO is a useful accessory for the photographer who can justify specialized monopods and has a need for the portability of a monopod over a tripod. It is solid, sturdy and easily transported once it's broken down to fit in its handy travel case. While it doesn't assemble quickly, assembly isn't difficult either.

    I should point out that while the company did not give me a TrekPod Go! PRO specifically for this review, it did give me an evaluation unit for a book I worked on recently.

    To visit Trek-Tech's website, click here.