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A Review of the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S950

written by: awilliamsku•edited by: Rhonda Callow•updated: 7/21/2009

Sony Cyber-shots are some of the most sleekest, reliable, and highest quality point-and-shoot digital cameras available to consumers today. In this review, we'll see how the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S950 holds up to this expectation.

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    Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S950

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    About the Cyber-shot DSC-S950

    The Cyber-shot DSC-S950 is a slim, sleek, and feature-filled digital camera available by Sony. This camera is very user-friendly and has a minimalist, sleek design. The DSC-S950 runs on an Sony Lithium ion battery that helps deliver the powerful shots you take. This digital point-and-shoot camera is perfect for anyone from a toddler to an amateur photographer.

    Whether you're up close to the subject or at a far distance, the DSC-S950 will use its Super HAD CCD image sensor to help you capture gorgeous shots, with perfection down to the most delicate details. This feature is fantastic for creating amazing prints, up to 11.69 x 16.44 inches. With 10 megapixels, the Cyber-shot DSC-S950 digital camera is an inexpensive camera that certainly isn't lacking in quality.

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    In the Box

    • Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S950 10 Megapixel Digital Camera
    • Wrist Strap
    • Rechargeable Batteries
    • Charger for Batteries
    • A/V and USB cables
    • Picture Motion Browser ver. 4.2
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    Rating Average

    Consumers can buy the Cyber-shot DSC-S950 in black, silver, or pink. This point-and-shoot camera has a very sleek and minimalistic design. It's also lightweight, durable, and fits perfectly into pockets. Since there is a lack of a viewfinder, the display side of the camera is very maneuverable and the LCD display is large and crisp.

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    Rating Average

    4x Optical Zoom: The optical zoom on the Cyber-shot DSC-S950 is wonderful. You will be surprised when this camera detects and displays things you've never noticed in far distances. You can also zoom in as close as two inches of the object without ending up with a blurry image.

    2.7-inch LCD Display Screen: The display screen is sharp. The colors are very natural, which makes it really simple to take shots, read menus, and view your images.

    Face Detection: Face detection is a great feature for point-and-shoot cameras; especially if you enjoy taking portraits. With the Cyber-shot DSC-S950, you can detect up to eight different faces in one shot. Each face will be focused, lit properly, and crisp.

    SteadyShot: There's nothing worse than messing up a potentially perfect picture because your hands weren't steady. We all can't carry around tripods everywhere we go, so image stabilization is extremely necessary for any camera. SteadyShot prevents blurs. When you take a picture, the Cyber-shot DSC-S950 doubles the image and combines them to make one single clear shot.

    Lithium-ion Battery: Included and lasts longer than alkaline batteries.

    In-Camera Retouching Tools: You don't even have to upload your pictures to touch them up! The Cyber-shot DSC-S950 lets you fix red eye and trim out distractions right on the LCD screen.

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    Grainy: When you don't have good lighting, usually when indoors, the images come out a bit grainy. However, you can easily prevent this by just adding more light or using the flash.

    Video: Although you can take great videos with the Cyber-shot DSC-S950, you can't zoom in.

    Response Time: The response and recover time is slow compared to other cameras in its class. Don't expect to take fifty shots real quick.

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    Price to Value

    Rating Average

    Photographers can snag the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S950 for about $129, which is an acceptable price to pay for a decent point-and-shoot camera with features like 10 megapixels, 4x Optical Zoom, Face Detection, and In-camera Retouching. If you're looking for something with more specs or more memory, you'd be better off forking some more money over for Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W220 12.1MP Digital Camera, which you'd also need a memory card for.

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    Overall Rating

    Rating Average

    Although the point-and-shoot Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S950 is a reliable, sleek digital camera, it still rates average among its competitors. The pros still outweigh the cons, but there are still many features that the DSC-S950 could have had that would make it a better camera for those who are looking for a substitute for their bulky SLR on occasion. This camera is still great for kids and beginners, and it's lightweight and certainly durable and reliable.