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What Are the Best Digital Cameras to Buy as a Gift?

written by: Kristina Dems•edited by: Amy Carson•updated: 11/6/2010

What is the best digital camera to buy? The answer depends on who you are buying the gift for. In this article, we cover the bases, suggesting the perfect camera for the different people who could be your gift recipients.

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    Almost everyone loves to take pictures. Whether they are new to the world of photography or they already have a lot of experience in taking photographs, people love freezing moments in time. With prices of digital cameras becoming more affordable for even the most novice of photographers, digital cameras are becoming popular gifts for all kinds of occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. If you are thinking of giving a friend or a family member a digital camera as a gift, you might be wondering what is the best digital camera to buy. Here are some suggestions for the best digital camera to buy for different kinds of people.

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    For Kids: VTech KidiZoom Camera

    VTech KidiZoom Camera If you are planning to buy a digital camera as gift for kids, you should consider a tough device to survive the rough handling of children and it should also be easy enough to operate so the kids won't be confused with all the options and settings. The VTech KidiZoom camera provides that kind of design as well as digital camera features that may not be as sophisticated a those of digital cameras for adults, but still offer a wide array of functionality that add to the experience of taking photos. Aside from the 2.0 megapixel camera functionality, the KidiZoom also has the capability to record video. It has a built-in photo editor too so children can practice their creativity by adding special effects to their photos. It can be purchased for $54.50.

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    For Teenagers: Kodak EasyShare C180

    Kodak EasyShare C182 In choosing a digital camera for teenagers, you want something compact, easy to use, powerful and can deliver quality portraits photos. Kodak EasyShare C180 has all of that covered with its slick design, 10.2 megapixel quality and a range of features that include several color modes, blur reduction and for those teens who love showing off their photos — especially those of their friends — there's the face detection and on-camera slideshow features. Teenagers love taking pictures of their friends during parties and gatherings so these features, especially the last couple, will come in handy. It can be purchased for $54.95.

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    For Beginners in Photography

    Nikon D40 For those who are just getting into serious photography, a digital SLR that offers the ability to take quality high-resolution photos while being easy to operate is the way to go. The Nikon D40 is the perfect camera for this purpose. It has intuitive controls and a fast response time so taking quality pictures is a breeze. It also offers a wide array of settings that allow the photographer to refine the image quality. Image editing and optimization tools are built in so further tweaking of photos can be done even before they can be transferred to other media like computers and mobile devices. It can be purchased for $650.

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    For Anyone

    If you are just wondering what is the best digital camera to buy for people who are just going to use it casually, you can go for the more affordable ones like the Sony Cybershot DSC-W220. This digital cameras offer great picture quality and a sleek, elegant and compact design. The Cybershot camera has simple settings that let the user pick an array of picture modes, making it easy for the user to take pictures with a specific setting without requiring a sophisticated set up. It can be purchased at for $125