What a Camera Lens Support System Is and Types of Lens Support Systems

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What is a Camera Lens Support System?

A camera lens is a precious commodity and an expensive one too. So, you want to take care of your lens the best way that you can. One way you can do this is with a camera lens support system.

A camera lens support system is specifically designed for long lenses, especially ones that are very thick and heavy. Telephoto lenses oftentimes fall into this category, which makes the lens support system doubly important. Not only does it keep the lens upright and in place, it also keeps the lens steady.

So, what’s the importance of keeping the lens steady, especially if you have some type of optical stabilization? Well, even with optical stabilization, you still have the chance of getting fuzzy or noisy pictures the further you zoom out. Image quality becomes more susceptible to shaking hands or fluctuations in lighting the further you zoom.

With a camera lens support system, however, the end of the lens consistently remains steady, even if you don’t have a tripod. If you do have a tripod, it gives you two advantages. The lens support system will keep your camera from being top heavy, and it will provide additional stability to the lens.

Mid-Size Lens Support

Now, that you know why you may want to use a lens support system, it’s time to discuss how these things work. Lens support systems vary based on needs. Generally, however, most come with a strap that hooks around the lens, usually near the front of the lens.

The rest of the strap then circles your shoulders. Basically, these are very much like a standard camera strap except that they go around the front of the lens. The Op/Tech System Connector Lens Support Adaptor is an example of this type of lens support system. And, it’s cheap too at less than $10, and both amateurs and professionals can use this device.

Large Lens Support

While these are fine for smaller lenses, larger lenses are going to need a lot more support. And, since many larger lenses can be quite heavy, you don’t want these lenses strapped around your shoulders. For these heavier lenses, you are going to want a lens support system/tripod combination. These devices feature a plate that slides out to varying lengths to accommodate the size of your lens.

One versions of this type of camera lens support system is the Genus GI GMB/A Advanced Adaptor Bar System. This is a combination tripod and lens support system, and it comes with two plates. The bottom plate holds your camera. The top plate, however, is adjustable, and it is made to hold lenses of different sizes. It also includes adjustable support bars.

This system, however, is not cheap. It costs between $300 and $360, and it is geared towards professional photographs.