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The Best Vivitar Lenses that Fit Pentax Cameras

written by: Misty Faucheux•edited by: Jonathan Wylie•updated: 10/14/2010

Pentax cameras are great. The cost of their lenses are sometimes not. But, you can get some really good third-party lenses from Vivitar. In this review, you can learn about the best Vivitar lenses that fit Pentax Cameras.

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    Why Purchase a Vivitar Lens

    Pentax manufactures digital SLR cameras that range from simple point-and-shoot cameras to high-end, professional digital cameras. While Pentax sells their own lenses, you can also purchase third-party lenses that fit these cameras as well.

    One of those third-party companies is Vivitar. The Vivitar lenses that fit Pentax camera come in all different sizes, and the company sells different types of lenses, including telephoto, fisheye and wide angle lenses.

    But, why would you want to purchase a Vivitar lens for a Pentax camera? Well, the most obvious reason is that they’re cheaper. A Pentax lens can run into the thousands of dollars, while a Vivitar lens is generally under $500.

    While you will be sacrificing some quality, these lenses are still really good. Further, these are perfect for amateurs. If you are just starting to learn photography, you don’t need to be investing in a $1,000 lens right off the bat. Start off with a third-party lens until you really get the hang of what your camera can do.

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    Vivitar Fisheye Lens

    Now that you know why you should be a Vivitar lens, here are some suggestions on which ones may work for you.

    Vivitar Fisheye Lens The Vivitar Series 1 Wide Angle Fisheye for Pentax is a good starter lens if you want to learn how to take fisheye pictures. This is an adapter that attaches onto an existing lens, which means that you can use it with your current lens. Fisheye lenses are wide angle lenses that capture extremely wide images to the point that the image looks rounded. This lens is actually part of a kit that includes a lens case, cleaning cloth and software. And, it’s extremely inexpensive, generally costing less than $100.

    The only downside to this lens is that it’s a little heavy. It’s four pounds, which is more than the weight of your camera. So, you should invest in a tripod and/or camera strap to use this lens.

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    Vivitar Telephoto Lens

    Another Series 1 lens is the Mirror Lens with Screw Mount. This one comes with a 500 mm f/6.3 mirror lens - a telephoto lens. What sets this lens apart from the competition is that it’s so lightweight, coming in at just 1.4 pounds.

    The lens is 4.7 inches long, and it has a lens diameter of 3.8 inches. Other features of this lens include an aluminum alloy construction, which means that it can withstand elements and some punishment. The major downside to this lens is that you need an adapter, the T-Mount, and it’s not included in the kit.

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    Vivitar Macro Lens

    Source: The final one on this list is a standard macro lens, which you will need for standard photographs. It’s the Vivitar Series 1 85mm f/1.4 Manual Lens for Pentax Film and Digital SLR Cameras. This one is a little more expensive than the rest at around $330 online, and this could be a deterrent for some.

    This lens is really good for manual focus, especially with standard film cameras and FX digital cameras. The Vivitar Macro lens has an accurate focus within 3.3 feet, and it has infinity focus stop, which allows you to rotate the focus ring either all the way to the left or right in manual focus.

    This lens is just as sharp as some standard Nikon lenses, especially at the corners and it has advanced macro capabilities that allow it to get close to extremely small objects.

    But, this is also a good general lens, which you need it. It’s great for taking portraits, and it’s lightweight at 1.8 pounds. The kit includes a lens hood.