Top 3 Best Mini-DV Tapes for Sony HDR-HC9 Camcorders

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Although the camcorder could record in standard definition format, chances are you would want to record in high-definition. Otherwise, you would be not have expended quite a bit of cash acquiring the camcorder.

Although the camcorder manual says you can use a normal mini-DV tape for recording , you should take this with a pinch of salt. Generally, you shouldn’t face any problems using a generic mini-DV tape, but there have been cases of dropped frames when an ordinary mini-DV tape has been used.

To avoid the problem, you should use mini-DV tapes of a higher grade than what you would normally find out in the market. Here are some recommendations that are worth considering if you’re on the lookout for mini-DV tapes, especially if the ordinary variety has disappointed you. We shall limit the selection to Sony tapes to ensure compatibility with your camcorder. So, let’s get started.

Sony DVC-60 PR/5 Premium (4 out of 5)

This mini-DV tape is specially designed for high definition video. It provides 60 minutes of recording. Users have reported that this mini-DV tape provides consistent color quality that rivals the costly dedicated HDV tape Sony has specially manufactured for use with HDV camcorders. True, dedicated HDV tapes would be the choice of professional videographers who work with a sizeable budget. However, if you’re just an amateur videographer who wants quality video on a budget, you would want to opt for Sony DVC-60PR/5 Premium which is available for $13.48 (5-Pack) at Amazon at the time of writing.

Sony-DVM-60PR Premium (4 out of 5)

This is another mini-DV tape that would ensure you get good quality recording with your Sony HDR-HC9 camcorder. The metal evaporated technology is put to use for this tape to ensure the production of high quality video by enabling a high carrier-to-noise ratio. This tape has twice the remnant magnetic density compared to that of a metal particle tape (MP) tape. If you’re also on the lookout for a more durable tape, this would be the one to go for as it comes with the DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) protective layer. It is available at [Amazon]( /brihub02-20) for $21.75 (10 x 60 mins) at the time of writing.

Sony DVM-63HDR DVC Tape (5 out of 5)

If you’re shooting high definition video for broadcast or if you’re an independent filmmaker who wants the best video quality to impress a mass audience, consider this tape. Depending on the condition of your camera and the manner you use it, DVM-63 HDR would greatly minimize the number of dropped frames. The price would be much, much higher than the other recommended tapes, but the video quality you would end up with would be worth the steep price.

At the time of writing, Sony DVM-63HDR**,** retails for $9.55 per tape at Amazon at the time of writing.