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Top 5 Digital Camera Cases for Compact Cameras

written by: Arnold Zafra•edited by: Rhonda Callow•updated: 7/20/2009

Looking for a durable carrying case for your digital camera? Here are five digital camera cases to help you decide which one to buy. Any of these camera cases will give your camera the proper protection it needs and are universal in size, so they'll fit any standard compact digital camera.

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    Caselogic UP-2 Universal Pockets

    Caselogic UP-2 Universal Pockets This Caselogic pocket case holds digital cameras that fit its dimensions 4.5"x2.75'x0.75". My wife got it for her Kodak digital camera a couple of years ago and even when she sold her camera, she opted to keep the case to hold her iPod Touch. The case fits most mp3 players, cell phones, GPS PDA and other electronic devices. It's made of a padded interior lining that won't scratch LCD screens and has a carabineer attached to it so you can attach it to your belt, backpack or purse. The only drawback of this pocket case is its drawstring which can be tedious to unlatch at times. (Price: $6.99)

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    Lowepro Rezo 30

    lowerpro rezo 30 I'm particularly biased with Lowepro bags since I've tested one of their camera bags for my Canon 40D DSLR camera and was very satisfied with it in terms of durability. For digital point-and-shoot cameras, this Lowepro Rezo 30 is a good fit. It features a stretchable gusset design that provides a tight and protective fit to your camera. It has a soft tricot lining that protects your camera's LCD screen from scratches and comes with a front-access pocket, shoulder strap and Sliplock attachment tab for fastening the case to your belt or purse. The Lowepro Rezo 30 is available in five colors. (Price: $14.95)

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    Built NY E-HCS-SHS Small Hoodie Camera Case

    Built NY E-HCS-SHS Small Hoodie Camera Case If you're a fashionable digital camera user or just want to mix and match your devices' bags and case with what you wear, this Built NY E-HCS-SHS fits you well. But aside from its colorful design, this digital camera case offers protection as well with its EVA plastic backbone for protecting the LCD screen. Neoprene hood protects your camera from rain, snow and accidental drops. It has an extra pocket for holding your memory card and extra batteries and it also comes with a wrist or belt strap. (Price: $7.95)

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    Case Logic ECB-1 EVA Compact Camera Case

    Case Logic ECB-1 EVA Compact Camera Case The second Case Logic digital camera case on our list is the ECB-1 EVA Compact Camera Case. It is a lightweight EVA moulded camera case which can hold most compact to mid-size cameras with its durable, semi-rigid EVA materials. It safeguards your camera against daily wear and tear and has a detachable wrist strap so you can have your camera close at hand anytime. It also has some internal pockets for storing your other accessories. (Price: $9.90)

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    Maximal Power POU-2411 Hard Shell Protective Digital Camera Case

    Maximal Power POU-2411 Hard Shell Protective Digital Camera Case The Maximal Power POU-2411 digital camera case is a simple-looking case that can best be described as hard on the outside, soft on the inside. It simply means that it can protect your digital camera from bumps and bruises without scratching its body when placed inside the bag. The case fits most digital cameras including the Pentax and Canon compact digital cameras. (Price: $5.01)