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Picking Camera Carrying Cases

written by: Shane Burley•edited by: Rhonda Callow•updated: 7/5/2011

There are a number of different types of cases on the market, each with different uses.

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    Ease of Use

    Digital cameras hit popularity amongst average consumers mostly because they are light weight and users have the ability to move them from place to place with ease. No longer was a quality camera forced to remain stationary for the average user. To keep it mobile you must get the right type of carrying case for the camera.

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    Hard Cases

    If you do a great deal of traveling, and if you tend to take the camera into more perilous situations, you are going to want a hard case. These often look like large suitcases that are designed to endure a fair amount of trauma. They are much heavier than other types of cases and do not have the same amount of versatility. Along with this they tend to carry a price tag that is also much larger than alternatives. They do tend to carry more items, but it is a fixed number as there is little give. Make sure that there is foam padding inside to reduce movement of the internal equipment, especially if the case gets moved quickly. Also make sure that it is going to be water resistant because the strength of this type of case is its ability to protect the contents from the elements.

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    Soft Cases

    Soft cases are often what smaller camcorders are carried in. They are small, often resembling a travel bag or purse. They fit the camera and a small number of accessories. The advantage is very lightweight and small size, which makes it even more versatile. Find one that has enough pockets to include a number of things and also has enough padding to make it workable. Look to see if there are resizing functions, as well as hooks and extended netting to add more things as you come along. Try the bag out and make sure that it is easy to carry along.

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    Grip Bag

    If you have a number of things to take with you it may be appropriate to carrying a “grip bag.” This is where you would place things like extra microphones, electrical tape, and extension cords. This does not have to be anything specific except that it is lightweight. A backpack works well.

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    What do You Need?

    Before running out and spending large sums of money on these cases it is important to look at your needs and find something that will meet them.