Guide on How to Remove Pictures on Olympus D-380 Digital Camera

Olympus D-380

It is easy to learn how to remove pictures from an Olympus D-380 camera. Not only that, the Olympus D-380 has other features such as Self-Portrait Mode which lets you select the best conditions to take self-portraits. It also has 2-in-1 Image Merge wherein 2 side-by-side photos are created in one shot. It also comes with a neat Image Resize feature.

Due to its being user-friendly, Olympus, camera reviews claimed it was the best digital camera in market and it is also easy to find and buy Olympus digital camera accessories. However, with the technologies developed by other camera makers such as Canon and Nikon, Olympus might have taken the back seat for now.

The Olympus D-380 is a digital camera known for its being handy. A display screen can be found at its rear panel and using the display screen and its control panel will let a user go through photos and delete the ones they doesn’t want to store. The steps on how to remove pictures on Olympus D-380 digital camera are very easy to follow.

Step 1: Locate Monitor

The first thing to do is to make sure that the lens cover is in the closed position.

At the back control panel, locate the “Monitor” button below the arrow-control panel on the camera’s left side and press it.

Step 2: Finding the Picture

To cycle through the pictures stored in this best Olympus camera, press the “Left” or ”Right” button until you find the picture you want to erase.

Step 3: Working in Menu

Once the picture is selected, open the Menu by pressing the “Menu” button. The Menu button can be found below the arrow-control panel on its right side.

To select “Erase”, press the “Down” button.

Step 4: Erasing the Picture

The Olympus D-380 digital camera will ask you if you are sure you want to delete the selected photo. To select “Yes,” press the “Up” button.

To confirm that you really want to delete the selected picture, press the “Menu” button.

Step 5: Repeat

For each picture you want to delete, you just need to repeat the steps outlined above.

Based on the detailed instructions above, you can find that it is simple to learn how to remove pictures on Olympus D-380 digital camera.

Olympus camera reviews in recent months show digital cameras from Olympus are already almost at par with the competition. With the many Olympus digital camera accessories to go with your Olympus digital camera, the user-friendliness associated with its operation, and the ease of transferring pictures from the camera, it’s just a matter of time before Olympus becomes the best digital camera in market again.


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