What is GPS and Who Owns It?

What is GPS and Who Owns It?

Everyone makes mistakes.  And we’ve all gotten lost.  Back in the day, it used to be that Mom had a huge, unfolded, small-print map on her lap sitting in the passenger seat, and Dad impatiently asking for directions while motoring along.  Occasionally that caused many turnarounds and sometimes, tirades. And navigating at night was literally …

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Where are the Fish? Bright Hub’s Guide to Fishfinders

A fishfinder is a fisherman’s best friend. It can mean the difference between a successful catch and coming home empty handed at the end of the day. Want more information on this handy device? Use this list of links to help you get the answers you need.

The Most Rugged GPS Units of 2011

The most rugged GPS unit should be able to stand up to the frozen antarctic and the muggiest rain forest. See if any of this years new releases fit the bill.

Getting the Most From Your Workout: Running with a GPS

Take your workout to a new level by incorporating a GPS watch into your routine. Use it while you are running to keep track of your current speed, distance covered and in some cases your heart rate. That’s just the tip of the iceberg though. Check out what you can do when running with GPS watches.

Top Cycling GPS Mountain Biking Devices: Important Considerations

GPS cycling computers have made some tremendous strides lately with devices that have stellar navigational features along with superb fitness monitoring capabilities, too. The best GPS systems for cycling and mountain biking are detailed below after important considerations are discussed first.

Best Bang for Your Buck: Bargain MP3 Players for Holiday 2011

Are you looking to replace an outdated MP3 player? Does your battery not hold up for more than a couple of hours, or worse, is your flash drive so small it can’t hold more than 100 songs? Whatever the reason, we’ve got you covered. Here are the best bargain MP3 players just in time for Christmas.

Bright Hub Reviews Best TV Bargains: Holiday 2011 Shopping

The holidays are fast upon us, Black Friday has come and gone. With so few shopping days left until Christmas you need a good source for your bargin holiday buying help. No worries, here Bright Hub looks at the best TVs of the 2011 season just in time for the X-mas rush.

Feeling the Need for Speed? Ultimate Buying Guide to Remote Control Cars

Buying someone an RC car in the holidays can be pretty stressful; which is a shame as the cars themselves are so much fun! Whether you are buying for a toddler, a teen, or that big kid that just won’t grow up, we have got some great options for you with some top notch buying advice too.

What is Dolby Digital Plus?

Dolby Digital is the most renowned name in the world of surround sound, and it is one company which progressively delivers newer technology to keep up with the latest trends. Here’s a quick review of DD-Plus – the latest technology that promises a better than ever surround sound experience.

Hulu Plus vs Netflix: Which Should You Pay For?

Netflix was a pioneer in the direct media delivery service industry and for several years was the only alternative to cable. Not so anymore. Hulu Plus has emerged as a strong competitor and has thrown its hat into ring to vie for the title of number one direct streaming video provider.

iPod Problems? Comprehensive Guide to iPod Troubleshooting

As beautiful, well-designed and functional as Apple iPods are, it’s inevitable that sometimes you may experience problems. No matter what model or generation iPod you have, there are some easy fixes. Here, we take a look at common and not-so common problems and how to resolve them.

Put On Your Running Shoes: Top Five iPod Running Apps

After putting your running shoes on, it’s likely that your iPod isn’t far behind in your running armory. Even if until now you’ve only used it to play your favorite songs to help you up that pace, allow us to introduce you to some great running apps for your iPod that will change the way you run.