Physical Disabilities

  • What Special Education Teachers Need to Know About Epilepsy

    Many children with physical disabilities also have epilepsy as an additional disability. Special education teachers need to know basic facts on the condition as well as seizure first aid. This article covers what causes epilepsy and general epilepsy treatments...
    By Anne Vize March 9, 2011 

  • An Overview of Developmental Disabilities For Teachers of Inclusive Classrooms

    The term “developmental disabilities” describes a variety of physical and mental disorders and conditions. This article provides a general introduction and overview of these disabilities and how they differ from one another.
    By Stephanie Torreno August 18, 2010 

  • The Impact of Hearing Impairment and Reading Performance

    How are hearing impairment and reading performance related? This article discusses the connection between the two, as well as the research findings involving their relationship.
    By Keren Perles October 28, 2009 

  • Special Health Needs of Disabled Children

    To maintain good health of disabled children, in respect of mental, social and emotional development of a special child is very important. Parents and teachers are the best sources for maintaining good health of disabled children.
    By Rupinder Singh January 2, 2009 
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