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Individualized Personality Development of Special Needs Children

written by: Rupinder Singh•edited by: goldwriter•updated: 1/2/2009

If teachers desire to develop the qualities of powerful personality among special needs children then they have to give an important place for it in their thinking and action.

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    Strategies for teachers to develop individualized personality of special needs children

    There is no such field in the life of special needs children for which, a teacher is not called upon to give guidance and help. Even for the development of individualized personality of special needs children valuable guidance and support is demanded of the teachers. Teachers should help special children in developing an individualized personality in a well-planned and well thought of manner.

    For the development of individualized personality of special needs children, it is very essential to help them to succeed. They should get learning opportunities in its best form that will help them to attain the qualities of good personalities. Individualized opportunities should be provided to special needs children according to their needs to develop their individual personalities.

    Teachers should try to inculcate the spirit in their mind to withstand discouraging arrows shot in their paths. This can be done by the courage and strength that are essential for individualized personality of special needs children. With courage and strength, they can face any hurdles in the path of learning.

    Various school programs that include study curriculum, games and activities, should be arranged by the teachers to develop positive qualities among special needs children. Playing indoor and outdoor sports, and social activities like debates competitions are recommended to develop good manners, good behavior, co-operative and receptive attitudes, good morals and independence. Teachers should design, plan and formulate individual activities according to the desires and needs of special children to develop a sense of individualized personality among them. Teachers should try to engage special needs children in the activities that are suitable to their intellectual (like elocution/debate/quiz competition) and age levels. This should help them to accomplish the task and to develop a sense of self-confidence.

    Teachers should sow the seeds of strong personality. Children should flourish and grow in the development of love and affection, freedom, social recognition and emotional support. The seeds to build strong personalities should be sown in such a fashion to get the maximum results. By combining all inspirational and motivational efforts of developing good personality, teachers should help special children in the development of a healthy, stable and productive individual personality of the special needs children in the society.