Masters Degrees & Programs

So you’ve decided to continue your education with a Masters degree? Learn about all the programs that are available to you, the advantages and disadvantages or pursuing higher education and how to make the most of your post-grad experience. Masters degrees are an excellent way to specialize in your subject and make yourself more valuable to employers. Wether you're interested in Masters degrees in social work, teaching, library science, nursing and other disciplines, find tips on applying, succeeding and completing your degree.

Getting a Master’s Degree in Biology

An undergraduate degree in biology may not be enough to get you the job you want. An advanced degree is likely the answer to finding a higher-paying biology job. Think carefully through your decision before you commit to earning your master’s.

Post Grad Certificate in English

A post grad certificate in English can help you get a job as an English teacher to students across the world or across town. Read about a few post grad certificate programs around the country to see if this option is right for you.

Getting into Gender Studies Graduate School Programs

If you’ve been considering getting a graduate degree in gender studies, you may want to know more about gender studies graduate school programs. What are the best programs? What can you be expected to do in your program? What’s the job market for gender studies? All questions are answered here.