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Creating an Effective Letter of Interest for Special Ed Master's Programs

written by: Margo Dill•edited by: SForsyth•updated: 7/29/2010

Writing a letter of interest, also called a personal statement, to apply for a master's program in special education is an important piece of the application process. You are showing your writing ability, revealing your goals and aspirations, and introducing yourself.

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    If you are writing a letter of interest to enroll in a master's in special education, then you will start with the introduction. Make sure you read the application carefully and that you understand the question you need to answer in your personal statement. For example, many applications will ask you to write a one-page letter outlining why you are a good fit for the university's program. It is important not to just repeat information that you have already included in your application, but to answer the question and focus on personal information that will help you write an effective letter of interest to enroll in a master's in special education.

    Many people will begin their letters with an anecdote or personal story about why they are driven to pursue a career in special education. For example, you may have spent a summer working at a special needs camp, and now special education is your passion. You want the introduction to be concise but detailed and set you apart from the hundreds of other applicants applying to the program.

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    Body Paragraphs

    In the body paragraphs of your letter of interest to enroll in a master's in special education, you will answer the question asked on the application. The important thing in the body paragraphs is not to put too much information in these paragraphs. Choose your most distinguished accomplishments, and make sure by including these they show your strengths and your desire to be enrolled in this master's degree program. For example, if you have been working as a special education teacher (with your bachelor's degree) and you were nominated as teacher of the year at your school, you would include this accomplishment in your body paragraphs. While mentioning this accomplishment, you would also want to write how this experience has driven you to continue your education by pursuing a master's in special education.

    Each body paragraph in your letter of interest to enroll in a master's in special education should be focused on either a different aspect that makes you a great candidate for the program or answer a question asked on the application such as your career goals or why you are a good fit for the program. Remember, the examples of your accomplishments should fit the focus of the paragraph. Even if you had a 4.0 GPA during your undergraduate career, if it doesn't fit in the paragraph, don't include it.

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    Conclusions are often the hardest to write, especially because many personal statements are only one-to-two pages long (about 250 to 500 words), and so you don't want to just repeat yourself in the conclusion of your letter of interest to enroll in a master's in special education. In your conclusion paragraph, tie together your strengths or reasons for wanting to apply for this special education master's degree program by mentioning a long-term career goal or how it will benefit your current students.

    Finally, as with any piece of writing, you will want to revise and edit your letter until you have a tight piece of writing that presents you and your career goals to your prospective school and makes you stand out from the other applicants.