Postgraduate Education

Many find after graduating college that an advanced degree is necessary or desirable for the career they want. Is graduate school right for you? If you have a passion for your subject, a drive to learn and the fortitude to complete years of higher education, a post-grad program may be the right choice! Find help in deciding what school and degree you should get as well as the application process of Masters and PH.D programs. Learn the ins and outs of obtaining your MBA or Doctorate, building your portfolio and planning ahead for your career. Bright Hub’s team of writers includes teachers, students and experts in the field and provides articles, tips and reviews to help you through your postgraduate education.

A Guide to Earning a Ph.D. – Keys to Success

When it comes to earning a doctoral degree, there are many stages one must go through. During the first semester, students are often required to take a proseminar. Dissertation-writing can be quite overwhelming. No matter what stage you are at in the process, there is help for achieving success.

Getting a Master’s Degree in Biology

An undergraduate degree in biology may not be enough to get you the job you want. An advanced degree is likely the answer to finding a higher-paying biology job. Think carefully through your decision before you commit to earning your master’s.

Our List of Graduate Schools in Bioarchaeology

Finding graduate schools in bioarchaeology is easier than digging up artifacts if one knows the various synonyms for bioarchaeology. The study of skeletal remains is known by several other names including osteoarchaeology and palaeo-archaeology. Master’s and doctoral degrees are offered worldwide.