Online PhD, Doctoral Degree Programs

Find more about the availability, benefits and costs associated with earning a doctoral degree online. Are there many PhD programs offered? What are the costs, and how does this compare with a campus program where you might qualify for a fellowship? Are fellowships offered in distance learning programs, and if not, does the flexibility and ability to work while earning your doctorate degree make up for the difference? These and many more questions will be answered as we explore the programs and requirements for distance learning PhD degrees.

About Online Doctoral Degrees in ESL

Earning online doctoral degrees in ESL allows graduates to work in many specializations of the field of English as a second language education. This article discusses earning a PhD in ESL from Northcentral University as well as the job outlook for graduates who hold this degree.

Getting PhD Online in Canada

Canadians who are interested in getting PhD online in Canada have several options that they can pursue. Depending on their career field, Canadian PhD students can earn their degree through schools such as Capella University, Walden University, and the University of Phoenix.

Online PhD in Accounting

Those who wish to pursue a PhD in accounting may not be able to drop a career in order to attend school. Many traditional programs do not allow students to work while they are in school. Online PhD in accounting allows certain students to pursue a doctoral degree without leaving the workforce.

PhD Online Child Development

Do you want a career in child development? Do you need a PhD, but your busy schedule is in the way? This article may be of help. The article is intended to help those interested in finding a school as well as provide some insight on the type of career and earnings one can make.