HP Certifications Preparation

Why HP Certification

HP has retained its distinguished status by offering quite a number of innovations and its constant services in IT. One of the services, which has to be recognized, is that it offers different kinds of certifications for imparting technical and professional expertise to individuals who, after being certified, serve the IT industry in a very efficient and professional manner.

Professional people that are certified from HP give out the IT industry their best and create a milestone in their specialized IT career. We can say certification from HP can be a recognized diploma and provide a better scope in career. Also you should consider having a HP certification because:

  • HP has a worldwide market: HP is present in almost all countries in the world. This means the need for product and service support is high. The range of products it hosts include the following: computer monitors, digital cameras, enterprise software, indigo digital press, mobile phones, networking, personal computers and laptops, personal digital assistants, printers, scanners, servers, storage and even televisions, and communications hardware and software.
  • Preference to HP certification holder: Employment opportunities are higher when you are a holder of a HP certification not only in the United States but also in other parts of the world. HP specializes in developing and manufacturing computing, data storage devises, networking hardware, designing software, and delivering services. Its prestige also spells out credibility and reliability.
  • HP is prestigious: HP tests are as prestigious as its reputation in the industry as a technology provider. To be able to pass and be issued with a certification not only verifies your knowledge and skills but also increases your personal and professional confidence in your career. It is not easy to achieve a HP certification, and those who usually obtain them are those who have extensive experience in the field. Thus, having such certification ensures the client that they get the best service there is.

Preparing for HP certifications:

Certifications from HP can really be a positive feature in your career in the IT field. It trains you to be a skilled and qualified candidate in comparison to others. It gives you a well-known place in the IT industry and secures your professional career. You will become proficient and skilled person; your technical skills will develop with advancement in technology accordingly. Another benefit you can have is that you will receive highest remuneration and attractive wage package from your employers.

There are various certifications offered from HP to authenticate your proficiency in the IT field. You can select certification from basic level to move forward and to convey awareness about IT technology. Some of the latest HP certifications are as follows:

  • APS – HP Desktops, Workstations and Notebooks [2010]
  • ASC – HP BladeSystem [2010]
  • Master ASE – HP ProCurve Mobility [2010]
  • APC – Specialty in HP StorageWorks XP Solutions [2010]
  • AIS – HP ProCurve Networking [2010] upgrade from previous versions
  • ASE – HP ProCurve Mobility [2010]
  • ASE – HP ProCurve Mobility [2010] upgrade from previous versions
  • Master ASE – HP ProCurve Security [2010]
  • Master ASE – HP ProCurve Security [2010] upgrade from previous versions
  • APP – HP Enterprise Solutions [2010]
  • APP – HP SMB Solutions [2010]
  • ASP – HP ProLiant Server Solutions [2010]
  • AIS – HP ProLiant ML/DL/SL Servers [2010]
  • AIS – HP ProLiant ML/DL/SL Servers [2010] upgrade from AIS – HP ProLiant ML/DL Servers [2007]
  • ASE – HP ProLiant ML/DL/SL Servers [2010]
  • ASE – HP ProLiant ML/DL/SL Servers [2010] upgrade from ASE – HP ProLiant ML/DL Servers [2007]
  • APS – HP ProLiant ML/DL/SL Servers [2010]
  • AIS – HP ProCurve Networking [2010]
  • ASE – HP ProCurve Campus LANs [2010]
  • Master ASE – HP ProCurve Campus LANs [2010]

You can find more information about HP certifications on this official webpage.

Passing HP certification is not so much difficult. Numerous companies prepare and provide different materials that completely cover the required syllabus for passing the certification.

Recommended Material for Preparing for HP Certifications

Like any other certification exam, two type of preparation material are in use by most professionals and are nearly essential for the successful completion of exam. One are the study guides, and the others are practice test or mock exams.

Study Guides: These are traditional ways of getting prepared for exams. They cover the theoretical aspect of the syllabus and provide deep knowledge of subject matter. However, I recommend study guides from renowned vendors only like those from the HP itself or from a search on Amazon. There are many cheap study guide providers on the internet, but I do not recommend using them because they provide low quality and unauthentic material that can cause you harm in long term.

Practice Tests: These are another important part of exam preparation because, after getting prepared by study guides, it is important to practice exam questions in a proper exam simulator so that you can assess your skills. It is very important to use practice test because they help you diagnose your mistakes and shortcomings in preparation.

Selftestengine is one the best selftest software. They provide practice tests for various certification exams including HP. The software is not only a exam simulator but a complete self study package because it has additional features of assessment reports, and it maintains a complete history of your exam preparation. The company has been in the industry for around four to five years and, thus, has earned a sound credibility. Many companies use their testing engine as a standard to provide their practice test. Free demo of the selftestengine is available on the site. SelftestEngine comes with a comprehensive admin panel providing "detailed answer explanations," "case-study exams," "expanded printing and review options," and "detailed score reports". Check out the free demo to experience these features yourself.

Note: Some websites provide fake or outdated materials so beware of them and try to get materials from quality websites.

To Sum Up

Hence, to sum up, I will recommend using practice tests and mock exam questions alongwith regular preparation material like books and notes for preparing for HP certifictions because I have learnt from experience that without using these additional tools candidates feel confused when they see the exam for the first time. So, if you want to clear your certification exams in first attempt, do remember to use practice tests to ensure that your preparation for HP certification is up-to-date and that you have mastered all type of questions and concepts that you can encounter in exams.

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