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Urban Planning Degree through Distance Learning

written by: R. Elizabeth C. Kitchen•edited by: Amanda Grove•updated: 9/30/2010

Are you looking for information on a distance learning urban planning degree? If so, read on to learn more about this degree and career.

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    A distance learning urban planning degree is ideal for those wishing to begin their professional career, or move onto to graduate school when they are done with their undergraduate degree in this field. Urban planning, also referred to as city planning, combines transportation planning and land use planning to enhance the economic, social, and built environments of communities. Urban planning can also include urban renewal, by using and adapting the methods of urban planning to already existent cities suffering from lack of investment and decay.

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    Required Courses

    Students pursuing an undergraduate degree will take a variety of courses to prepare them for a career in this field. All schools will differ to distance learning urban planning degree courses some degree, but most classes are similar, though sometimes under different names. Here is a sample curriculum showing the classes students should expect when pursuing this degree:

    • The urban scene
    • The planning idea
    • Laboratory in urban research
    • Legal foundations of planning
    • Internship
    • Field work
    • Planning the multiethnic community
    • Growth and development of cities
    • Urban research methods
    • Community-based urban design
    • Urban problems seminar
    • General plan and zoning
    • Planning for the built and natural environment
    • Planning in the public sector
    • Transportation planning
    • Maps and graphics and laboratory
    • Urban geography
    • Urban land use planning
    • State and local government
    • Environmental policy
    • Urban administration
    • Cities of the third world
    • Policy making for planners
    • Advanced urban design
    • Microeconomic or macroeconomic principles
    • Intermediate geographic information sciences with laboratory
    • Remote sensing and lan
    • Public administration
    • Process of public policy formation
    • Politics of public spending
    • City planning
    • Urban sociology
    • Organizational analysis
    • Social policy and social legislation
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    Average Completion Time

    Students going for an Associate's degree will spend about two years earning this degree. Students going for a Bachelor's degree will spend about four years earning this degree. A certificate or under, could take a year or less.

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    Top Online Schools

    California State University Northridge offers this degree online. To be considered for admission, all students must have a high school diploma or GED, have taken certain classes in high school, and have all required test scores. Students will also have to fill out an admissions application and ensure all required paperwork accompanies it. Students can expect to pay $5,076 in total fees per academic year.

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    Possible Careers

    A distance learning urban planning degree opens up several different career avenues for graduates. The professional training students receive distance learning urban planning degree career prepares them for careers in fields, such as:

    • Community development
    • Public administration
    • Urban planning
    • Environmental analysis
    • Resource management
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    Career Outlook and Salary

    Job outlook completely depends on geographic location. As of today, many neighborhoods in major cities are in need of renewal, and many are going through renewals, creating job opportunities in this field. The average annual salary ranges between $42,908 and $65,539.

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