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Undergraduate Public Health Education Online

written by: R. Elizabeth C. Kitchen•edited by: SForsyth•updated: 9/26/2010

Are you seeking information about an online public health degree? If so, read on to learn more about an undergraduate public health education online.

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    An undergraduate public health education online puts students in place for a career in public health. Public health is a very dynamic and diverse field dealing with a variety of health issues facing the public as a while. They work with a variety of issues, such as controlling infectious disease, violence, improving access to health care, reducing environmental hazards, injury, and substance abuse. In short, public health professionals work to protect the health of the general public, through education, prevention, and treatment.

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    Required Courses

    An undergraduate degree in public health requires a variety of courses to be taken to fully understand this field. How undergraduate public health education online courses many courses and which courses will depend on the level of the degree and the individual school, but examples include:

    • Research methods for health sciences
    • Microbiology
    • Finance for health care
    • Intro to disaster management and emergency preparedness
    • Bachelor's capstone in public health
    • Epidemiology and biostatistics
    • Environmental health
    • Public health law
    • Health care administration
    • Health disparity
    • Introduction to public health
    • Physical science course
    • Social science course
    • Arts and humanities course
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    Average Completion Time

    An Associate's degree will take about two years to complete, while a Bachelor's degree will take about four years. Those who have transfer credits or take a fast track degree, can finish faster. Certain certificate programs take only a year to complete.

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    Top Online Schools

    Kaplan University offers an undergraduate public health education online. The cost per credit hour is $371.00. Students will also have to pay a $100.00 technology fee, and their advanced start option requires students to already have an Associate's degree. Students must also purchase all required books and course materials.

    Students will have to apply for admission into this program. Basic requirements in addition to an Associate's degree include a high school diploma or GED.

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    Possible Careers

    There are a variety of career opportunities in the public health field. Some of the most common include: undergraduate public health education online careers 

    • Health services administration
    • Epidemiology
    • Environmental health
    • Nutrition
    • Biomedical laboratory
    • Biostatistics
    • Health education/behavioral science
    • International health
    • Public health practice/program management
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    Career Outlook and Salary

    Salaries range greatly in this field. The normal factors, such as geographic location, level of experience, years in the field, and level of education will always apply, but the specific career path will also determine average annual salary. Those working in epidemiology range greatly with an average of $38,175 to $136,237 per year. Overall the salary ranges from $31,500 to $161,400 per year.

    The career outlook in public health is very good. Employment opportunities are always available for those with the right education.

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    Why it is Better to Obtain this Degree Online

    Obtaining this degree online will give the student more freedom and flexibility to study at times most convenient for them. They will get increased student interaction and their instructors are more accessible. Online learning also provides the opportunity to increase self-discipline, time management, and other necessary skills for a career in public health.

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