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A Student's Guide to Online Environmental Education Graduate Degrees

written by: R. Elizabeth C. Kitchen•edited by: Heather Marie Kosur•updated: 12/8/2010

This article discusses earning a degree from online environmental education graduate programs as well as what is involved and the career outlook.

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    Environmental Science

    Online environmental education graduate degrees allow students to work toward being able to work in the field of environmental science as educators. Environmental educators teach the public about how human beings can live sustainably through managing their ecosystems and behavior and how natural environments function.

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    Required Courses

    Online environmental education graduate degrees Students must complete a variety of courses to complete these degree. Some of these will vary by school, but commonly taken courses include perspectives in environmental education, trends and issues in environmental education, advanced methods of environmental education, and implementation, design, and evaluation of environmental education programs. They will also take courses pertaining to educating students, research and statistics, and general education. After they complete all required coursework, they will complete their master's thesis.

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    Average Completion Time

    This online master's degree will be completed after successfully completing thirty credit hours. Students will complete twenty-four credit hours of coursework and then six semester credit hours of thesis work. Students attending school full-time can complete this degree in about two years. It can take about four years to complete for students attending school part-time.

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    Top Online Schools

    Very few schools offer a master's degree in environmental education online, but Slippery Rock University does. Out-of-state students can expect to pay $593.00 per credit. They will also pay a technology fee of $82.00, a general service fee of $19.43, and an academic enhancement fee of $88.95. Students who reside in the state of Pennsylvania can expect to pay $370.00 per credit. They will also pay a technology fee of $60.00, a general service fee of $19.43, and an academic enhancement fee of $55.50.

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    Possible Careers

    Online environmental education graduate degrees Having a master's degree in environmental education opens doors to a variety of different employment opportunities. They can choose employment at the local, state, or federal level. Many choose to teach high school or at colleges and universities. Other possible careers include mountain guide, seasonal camp manager, logistics/gear coordinator, seasonal park ranger, backcountry crew leader, guide service coordinator, ecology/botany field technicians, field naturalist, and field instructor.

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    Career Outlook and Salary

    The median annual salary for environmental educators is approximately $75,000.00. Those who decide to teach environmental science in a high school can expect an average annual salary of approximately $31,000.00 to $46,000.00. Certain states have more employment opportunities than others and these states include North Dakota, Oklahoma, Montana, Massachusetts, and Arizona.

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    Why is it Better to Obtain this Degree Online?

    Online environmental education graduate degrees allow students to pursue further education in this field without having to sacrifice as much time as they would if they chose to complete this degree on a traditional college or university campus. They will be able to continue on with their current career, family obligations, and other wanted and required activities.

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    Online environmental education graduate degrees can help students break into a career in environmental science and/or environmental awareness. Preparing yourself for what this degree entails will help to make it a little easier to obtain.

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