A Student’s Guide to Obtaining an Associate Degree in Banking Online

Banking Degrees

Those who have completed an associate’s degree in banking online will be able to obtain entry-level positions in banking. They will be eligible to perform management duties in a financial institution which includes cash management, lending, budgeting, accounting, and managing the bank’s employees. They can choose to work at neighborhood banks, federal financial institutions, or loan lending offices.

Required Courses

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Students pursuing an associate’s degree in banking online will first need to complete all of their general education courses. These typically include classes in English, literature, mathematics, sciences, history, economics, computers, and arts and humanities. Once these are complete, they will complete their core banking courses. These often include international economics and finance, principles of investment, financial management, security analysis, introduction to marketing, insurance and risk management, money and banking, managerial accounting, banking principles, success strategies, fundamentals of consumer lending, career development, mortgage lending, and principles of banking law.

Average Completion Time

An associate’s degree in banking online will take approximately two years to complete when the student attends full-time. Some schools offer accelerated banking degree courses, but many of these are not fully accredited. If students choose to go part-time, an associate’s degree in banking can take three to four years to complete.

Top Online Schools

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Many colleges and universities offer an associate’s degree in banking online. These schools are fully accredited and allow students to complete the entire degree from home. Some of the top schools offering an associate’s degree in banking online are Rasmussen College and Berkeley College.

Students wishing to obtain their associate’s degree in banking online at Rasmussen college will pay $365.00 per credit hour. All necessary learning utensils including books and computer software are included in the cost of tuition. Students must also pay a $45.00 application fee. This school will take certain transfer credits from other accredited colleges and universities.

Students wishing to pursue an online banking degree at Berkeley college will pay $6,600.00 per quarter. However, their books, computer software, and other necessary items are not included in their tuition. Students must also pay other fees including a quarterly technology fee of $100.00, a graduation fee of $100.00, a quarterly administration fee of $200.00, and a tuition deposit of $300.00.

Possible Careers

After completing an associate’s degree in banking online, students can choose from a variety of careers. They can work at banks, infederal financial institutions, in financial consulting, at tax preparation institutions, or in lending offices. They can also work in a variety of fields such as leasing, trade credit, consumer lending, international finance, mortgages, credit card banking, and, of course, in banks.

Career Outlook

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By the year 2016, it is estimated that banking employment opportunities will increase by four to eleven percent. The median annual salary for the banking industry is $31,910.

Why Is It Better to Obtain This Degree Online?

Pursuing an associate’s degree in banking online allows students to keep their current job while pursuing their banking degree. They will not have to rearrange their schedules and reprioritize their lives when pursuing their banking degree online. Students with children will still be able to take their kids to school, help them with homework, and assist them in their extracurricular activities while obtaining their banking education.