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HQT Classes Online

written by: lwitkop•edited by: Jacqueline Chinappi•updated: 10/31/2009

Teachers can learn more about taking online courses that will help them meet highly qualified teacher requirements.Highly qualified teacher (HQT) classes online will help educators make the most of their potential and bring the latest teaching methods to the classroom.

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    Highly qualified teacher (HQT) classes online will help educators make the most of their potential and bring the latest teaching methods to the classroom.

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    Highly Qualified Teachers

    The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 requires that all students be taught by highly qualified teachers. The definition of a highly qualified teacher can vary slightly from state to state, but it typically includes criteria such as full state licensure for the appropriate grade level, a degree in the subject area being taught, and/or passing state-administered subject matter tests. New teachers will graduate from programs that have taken these requirements into consideration. However, experienced teachers who entered the field under different licensing standards may need to take additional classes to earn the label of "highly qualified"; HQT classes online are a convenient way to meet these new expectations.

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    Online Classes for Current Teachers

    Current teachers who need to complete a subject-area degree or brush up on skills to pass a state assessment should look for online courses in that specific area. Some of the options include:

    • The University of Illinois at Springfield offers an online Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences.
    • Students can earn an online Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of Maryland University College.
    • Grand Canyon University's online programs include a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature.

    Contact your local intermediate school district or other regional educational cooperative to learn about local inservice opportunities related to highly qualified teachers. For instance, the Educational Service Center of Franklin County in Ohio offers HQT classes online for special education teachers seeking to become highly qualified in a specific subject area.

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    Online Classes for New Teachers

    Those who are interested in entering the teaching profession for the first time have a wider variety of HQT classes online from which to choose, as most online teaching degrees will help you earn teacher certification that meets these highly qualified requirements. The University of Phoenix and Walden University are two online schools offering relevant degrees.

    University of Phoenix

    The University of Phoenix Bachelor of Science in Education will prepare students to become elementary education teachers. This program is accredited by the Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC). The school's master's level programs work with students who have earned a degree in a non-teaching field. Degrees include Master of Arts in Education/Curriculum and Instruction, English and Language Arts Education; Master of Arts In Education/Teacher Education, Secondary Science; and Master of Arts In Education/Teacher Education, Secondary Mathematics. Although all of the University of Phoenix's programs are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, students should check that their state Department of Education doesn't require accreditation from TEAC or the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education.

    Walden University

    Walden University provides a teacher preparation program with a Master of Arts in Teaching that is approved by the Minnesota Board of Teaching; students graduating from this program will be qualified to teach in the state of Minnesota. Prospective teachers can earn specializations in Early Childhood Education, Special Education, Emotional/Behavioral Disorders or Special Education, Learning Disabilities.

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    Before Enrolling in HQT Classes Online

    When taking online courses, it is important to contact your state Department of Education with any questions regarding licensing requirements. Online advisors working with students around the country are unlikely to possess the detailed knowledge necessary to ensure you fulfill your state's specific guidelines.